Andy K


Insured since Oct 2017


Cold brew on nitro


The Country Gold playlist on Spotify (which confuses me just as much as those reading this)






“A good man will have many acquaintances, a few good friends, and one true love.” My dad used it to describe my grandfather at his funeral, and it has always stuck with me


How easy it was to sign up

How’d you hear about Lemonade?

I had been putting off getting renters insurance for years. I’d get 90% through the process, and then I’d stop. It was too much effort. But I was scrolling on Instagram one day, and saw a Lemonade ad. Being able to sign up in 5 minutes was like, wow. I texted my roommate immediately, and was like, ‘This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.’

Did you know you wanted to get renters insurance?

Yes – but I don’t have that much stuff, so I just put it off because I’m lazy. And I’m so glad I’ve never had a reason to need renters insurance coverage.

So why did you decide to get Lemonade?

It was the simple tagline of, ‘Renters insurance in under 5 minutes.’ As a product manager who builds and works on apps, I was curious.

How was your experience getting Lemonade?

At first, I was like there’s no way this is possible. Then going through the process, I screenshotted the onboarding. I’m a Product Manager, so I was like, ‘This is awesome, we should mimic this.’ So my team used it for inspiration. And in the process, I got renters insurance that I’ve been wanting for 8 years now!

Other than your roommate, have you talked to your friends about Lemonade?

Oh yeah, definitely. I told everybody it’s super easy. But it’s not a typical conversation. If it ever does come up, I talk about it, and will continue to talk about it. It’s just peace of mind. I’m paying like $10/month, it’s so cheap.