Chloe C


Insured since Jul 2017


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“How can you know what you want, till you get what you want, and you see if you like it?” - Into the Woods


I was just blown away by how fast it is

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘insurance’?

Eww – Mainly because I went through such hell to get health insurance. I tweeted out, “I’m going to school for engineering right now and getting insurance is harder than school!” There were so many hurdles, nothing was in an app – I had to call people, I had to go to different websites, there was no guidance.

What comes to mind when you hear ‘Lemonade’?

So easy. And pink.

How’d you hear about Lemonade?

My boyfriend asked me if I have renters insurance coverage – because we live together – and I told him I don’t, and I was really scared of my bike getting stolen. He said, ‘I used Lemonade – I’m not joking it took me less than 5 minutes. Just cross it of your to-do list, just do it now.’ I reluctantly downloaded it, and it really did take 5 minutes!

How was your experience getting a quote?

It was really fast, and the UI is great. Insurance is such a stressful thing to think about, and Lemonade was just so simple. It was so easy to add my bike to the policy – I just took a picture and sent a copy of the receipt!

Before your boyfriend mentioned renters insurance, had you ever thought about getting it?

It’s one of those things that sits on your to-do list for so long. So when he mentioned renters insurance, I was like ‘Oh, is that a thing that people actually get?’

Have you ever spoken to your friends about Lemonade?

On Twitter, if people ask if anyone has a recommendations for insurance, I’ll tweet about Lemonade. Also, when people ask me if I’m scared to get my bike stolen, I’m like, ‘I have Lemonade, so I’m fine!’

Which cause did you choose for your Giveback?

I chose Code to Inspire for my Giveback. I’m really passionate about getting underrepresented communities involved in tech – whether it’s young women or people from diverse backgrounds. I do a lot of mentorship for women in technology from a lot of nontraditional backgrounds, and also men!