Cordero D


Insured since Oct 2017


I’m actually not a coffee guy - I lived in Asia for 2 years, so red tea is my go-to


80’s & 90’s R&B playlist on Spotify


St. Genevieve. They have watermelon chicken that will take you from here to heaven


Headspace. I do a lot of meditating


“If there’s no door, create one.” - me


The affordability!

What comes to mind when you hear ‘insurance’?

Wow, another bill.

Why’d you get renters insurance?

I just moved to my new place, and my new apartment required it. I also didn’t want any issues. I probably wouldn’t have gotten renters insurance if it wasn’t required, but if I knew about Lemonade, I probably would have.

How did you hear about Lemonade?

I was searching on Google for inexpensive renters insurance, and it came up. I went through a bunch of different companies, and decided by price and uniqueness.

And how was Lemonade in terms of price and uniqueness?

After I downloaded Lemonade’s app, I was like, ‘How can it be this affordable?’ Even when I was raising my coverage amount, the price was totally fine. It didn’t raise that much. And I haven’t even looked at my Lemonade policy since I got it.

How’s your experience been with Lemonade so far?

I haven’t had to use my renters insurance for anything, but I’m excited to have affordable renters insurance. I didn’t want to have to pay $30 or $40 dollars at those other crazy places. I wanted to go with a brand that was going to give me the same value for my dollar.

Have you ever talked to your friends about Lemonade?

Actually, my apartment complex was wondering what Lemonade was all about. I told them I love to try new brands and I wanted to test them out. And I saw that every time I increased my coverage, my price didn’t go up too much. That was the best part.