Cordero D


Insured since Oct 2017


I’m actually not a coffee guy - I lived in Asia for 2 years, so red tea is my go-to


80’s & 90’s R&B playlist on Spotify


St. Genevieve. They have watermelon chicken that will take you from here to heaven


Headspace. I do a lot of meditating


“If there’s no door, create one.” - me


The affordability!

Hey Cordero! What’s your passion?

Career coaching and recruitment. I love helping people figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Do you do that professionally?

I do! Right now, I’m a technical recruiter at Indeed. It’s the perfect space where I can coach and train people. I get to build products, help people recruit efficiently, and create diversity and inclusion initiatives.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I get to make the largest impact in the company. Back when I worked at my first tech job at Airbnb, I helped their engineering team go from 100 to about 300 when I left, just within a couple of months. You couldn’t do that without a recruiter.

You must be pretty great at identifying talent.

I sure am! Identifying talent has been a second nature for me since I was really young.

What do you look for in a candidate?

I love when people bring their full selves to the table. As a candidate, I want you to be engaged in what you’re interested in. Even if you have flaws, I want you to be aware of them. Having skills is important, but if you don’t have the personality piece, it’ll be difficult to fit in with the culture of the company you work for. It’s about being an all-around candidate.

You mentioned before that you help build out diversity at Indeed. Can you tell me more about that?

Sure. I love helping people who are from underserved communities. At Indeed, I help diverse people find their true talent, and teach them how to bring their full selves to the table. I do resume coaching, LinkedIn coaching, help people create Indeed profiles, and make sure they know there are resources for them to land a job in less than 6 months if they network and brand themselves intentionally.

Have you had any moments where you really felt like you were making an impact?

Definitely. One day at Indeed, we invited 18 students from a technology high school in an underprivileged area to visit the our offices. We gave them insights about careers in Austin. One of the students ended up with an internship at Indeed the day after he graduated, all because of that workshop. Now, he’s going to college with corporate experience, and exposure to a life he never imagined he could have had. Fighting for diversity in tech has brought me so much humbleness to work in a space where I can help someone else that comes from a similar background as I did.

What's your background?

I’m from a very small town in Mississippi, where there were very few opportunities for young ambitious black men, and no one ever heard of a such thing called ‘tech,’ ever. But that didn’t stop me from getting to Silicon Valley and now Austin to work for some of the most amazing companies.

That’s incredible. What advice would you give to someone looking to get a good job, but was not born to many opportunities?

Get a mentor. Once you find that mentor, hold onto them. Let them know your story. Tell them your problems, both personal and professional sometimes helps. That’s the only way they’re going to be an avid resource for you. You need to have someone vouching for you, pushing you, and sponsoring you.

How do you find a mentor?

First, figure out what you want to do with your career. Even if you don’t fully know, figure out the first step to getting there. Then, find someone on LinkedIn with a path similar to the one you’re envisioning of yourself. Reach out and say ‘hey, I would really love to get into this field someday. This is what I bring to the table now. Can you give me any advice? Any tips to get there? What can you do to help me get to the next level?’

I love to hear that. Is there anything outside of work you’re passionate about?

I really care about world travel and giving back. That’s actually what I loved about Lemonade – not only was it really affordable, but it gave me the chance to give back to the community just because I got insurance. Aside from that, I sponsor a child from the Philippines each month, because I love supporting kids in underdeveloped areas. It’s part of my overall mantra to give back however I can, because I’ve been fortunate with so many opportunities throughout my life.