Ian K

New York, NY

Insured since Mar 2018


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"The limit does not exist." - Lindsay Lohan


That I don't have to pick up the phone and call!

What comes to mind when I say insurance?


How'd you hear about Lemonade?

A friend, actually. I used to have insurance with another company, but they upped my rates, and I wasn’t happy with their service. My friend was like, “Oh, get Lemonade! It costs $25/month.”

How was your experience getting a policy?

First off, the price was good.  Lemonade also insured my bike and my violin, which my last insurer didn’t cover. So it ended up being a great deal. The customer service at Lemonade has been great.

Any pain points?

Nope! My last insurer created such an annoying situation where I was constantly going back and forth on emails, waiting for a quote. With Lemonade, I just a quote right there, on my couch. So it was just a lot easier. I filed a claim, and my whole experience has been awesome.

What happened with your Lemonade claim?

My old air conditioner got clogged, and started spewing water all over my floor. And it damaged the wall. It was a mess.

Then what happened?

My contractor produced a quote, I gave it to Lemonade, their adjuster agreed, and Lemonade gave me money. Now, my house is fixed! My Lemonade claim took a minimal amount of time and effort, and I wasn’t stressed out about it. There was never one point where I felt like I was frustrated with Lemonade. I was honestly more frustrated with my contractor.

What’s your favorite part about Lemonade?

I usually like interacting with people, but I liked that with Lemonade I didn’t have to call anyone. Email is just so much easier, and also great that I can do everything from the app. When I needed to talk to a person – when I had to file a claim – there was a person right there.

Do you ever talk to your friends about Lemonade?

Whenever people tell me they don’t have insurance, I’m like you should try Lemonade, because it’s so easy.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I feel like my interaction with my insurance company has surpassed what I would expect. Going back to that question of what I think of when I think about insurance, frustration really comes to mind for a lot of people. With my experience with Lemonade, I didn’t have that, and I know a lot of people do with other companies.