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I don’t have to call and stay on the line forever!

What comes to mind when you hear ‘insurance’?

A real pain.

What about ‘Lemonade’?

My insurance company that saved me when I had a problem. Lemonade makes insurance a whole lot easier.

How'd you hear about Lemonade?

Instagram! I was already looking for home insurance, and every company seemed so sketchy and indirect. I ended up going with Lemonade, especially because the pricing was very competitive.

How was your experience getting a policy?

I appreciated how easy the Lemonade interface was. Once I downloaded the app, and filled out the questions, it seemed very straightforward. I really liked how everything was so user friendly. The policy itself was also very easy to read. And I liked using the app, especially when filing a claim.

What happened with your claim?

I was very distraught at first. I had never filed a claim with home insurance before. I was really surprised that it was a chat with AI, where they requested a video, where I could actually express what happened without worrying about word count. And I could express the distress I felt over the fact that my jacket was stolen at a black tie event. The overall experience of filing my claim was very painless. Lemonade didn’t ask for anything unreasonable.

Did you experience any pain points along the way?

Nope, no pain points. It was very smooth. I liked that Lemonade gave me an expectation of when I’d hear back. It was a big ticket item that was stolen, so I was anxious to know if it would be covered. Lemonade’s claims process really underscored the value of having a Lemonade policy. I’ll never not have homeowners insurance again. I am so pleased with the Lemonade experience that I think I will be a customer for a long time.

What’s your favorite thing about Lemonade?

I don’t have to call and stay on the line forever, I don’t have to fill out a million forms. It’s a very easy interface on my phone, which I’m already always on. And everything is communicated through email, text, and the app, and there’s a very clear, transparent approach to what’s covered and what’s not by homeowners insurance. I also like the fact that Lemonade donates money to community causes through their Giveback program. That was very unusual to me.

Do you ever talk to your friends about Lemonade?

Yes! I complained to everyone about how my jacket was stolen, and then I went back to them saying oh my gosh, Lemonade covered it. So my friends definitely got an earful about my positive experience with Lemonade.