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Insured since Oct 2017


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“Now, it’s like this.” - Ajahn Sumedho


Their mission. I love that they involve charities

What comes to mind when you hear ‘insurance’?

Boring, overwhelming, way too many forms.

What about ‘Lemonade’?

You guys are definitely a disruptor, changing the game. If I worked in the insurance industry, I would be shaking in my pants because I’d think of how I need to adapt quickly. People are used to getting things quickly and easily, and Lemonade is the first insurance company that’s providing that.

How did you hear about Lemonade?

An Instagram ad! I looked at Lemonade, and I was like, ‘Done. This company is in line with my values. I know what they’re doing, I know what they’re up to, I love their mission, I love that they partner with charities through Giveback.’

How was your experience signing up for Lemonade?

Loved it, it was so easy. I did everything from my phone. I downloaded the app, and got my policy sitting on my parents’ porch. I never even got on my computer, printed a piece of paper, or signed my name.

Do you ever talk to your friends about Lemonade?

Totally! I think people are really interested in a company that’s so disruptive. I’ve mentioned it to several people.

What cause did you choose for your Giveback?

charity: water. We chose it because water’s such a huge problem for so many people, it’s something we take for granted here.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I just love that you guys are aligned with your causes. You don’t hold back any punches. You did that with your stance on gun control. It was unapologetic – you were like, ‘This how we’re feeling, this is what we’re doing, this is our opinion.’ It’s the right thing to do to put yourself out there and say what’s important to you. That resonates with a lot of people. It’s not perfect, yes there’s a lot of exemptions and exceptions, but you’re doing something. It’s fun to give your business to a company that’s doing something.