Lissette C


Insured since May 2017


An almond milk matcha latte


I’m really into Vance Joy right now


Cha Cha Matcha


Refinery29, particularly Money Diaries


“Leave everything better than you found it.” - Robert Powell


It was so easy, I almost freaked out

What comes to mind when you hear ‘insurance’?

Someone in a white shirt in an office hating their life. I definitely have a very negative stigma.

What about ‘Lemonade’?

A creative, innovative startup! That’s what drew me to Lemonade – It seemed cool and different. I liked the idea of talking to a person. Even though it was automated, it felt like I was really talking to someone, and they weren’t wearing a white shirt in an office, hating their life.

Why’d you get renters insurance?

I moved to NYC from Miami, and the thought of being in a place that’s so far away from home – and with the risk of theft, gas leaks, and fires – I knew I needed renters insurance coverage.

How’d you know what it was?

I think it was just Googling. I must have read an article about moving, and it said to get renters insurance. I looked into it, I didn’t understand it, and I was like I guess I need this.

How’d you hear about Lemonade?

Social media! I was targeted by an ad. I got Lemonade a year ago, at the time when Instagram ads were really ugly. Lemonade’s had a really cool aesthetic, so it stood out. I was like, ‘Oh, renters insurance? I need that!’

How was your experience getting a policy?

It was so easy, I was almost freaked out.

Have you talked to your friends about it?

Yes, I’ve told many of my friends about it in New York. It’s just so easy, people are like, are you sure?

What’d you choose for your Giveback cause?

I chose Women in Need for my Giveback cause. It all goes back to female empowerment for me.