Skye S


Insured since Oct 2017


A large drink at Starbucks with lots of sugar


Any new, fresh EDM and chill pop


Starbucks at the W




If you die today at 10pm, and you could only remember the way you felt in the last 24 hours, what would you want to remember feeling? I think about it every day. I want to remember feeling happiness. I want to remember doing something good.


It’s so usable and accessible

What comes to mind when you hear ‘insurance’?


What about ‘Lemonade’?

Usability and accessibility. It’s just so pleasant. And it puts the way that you look at insurance in a different light.

How’d you hear about Lemonade?

I saw an ad on Instagram, and was like, ‘Oh, only $10 for renters insurance? I don’t have renters insurance coverage, and it’s necessary to have as a working musician.’ It looked really user-friendly, and the ad video was really cool. I was like oh, this is what I need.

How was your experience getting Lemonade?

I clicked on it and it was a simple download process. I was almost like, ‘I’m going to try this to see how easy it is.’ And then it was so easy, and it was $10/month, so I was literally no longer confused about what my renters insurance covers. I was like, ‘These people are smart, they make it easy to use, and it’s something that I need.’

How’d you know you needed renters insurance?

I don’t think it’s legally required here. But I have a lot of musical equipment I’d be lost without. If something happened to it, and it wasn’t covered, I’d be screwed. Having Lemonade walk me through it was something that I could sign up for, especially with the usability and the rate that I pay.

Have you ever spoken with your friends about Lemonade?

I did! I turned around, and I told my my friend like I just got renters insurance. I was like, ‘It was super easy, you can talk to a bot, and it automates everything.’