The Lemonade Giveback

Here’s our mission: transform insurance from a necessary evil into a social good. We’ve designed Lemonade to bring out the best in people, while giving society a push for the better. Introducing the Lemonade Giveback.

Making a Change

Lemonade takes a flat fee and treats the rest of the money as yours, not ours. We use it to pay claims, and give what’s left to charities you choose, so we never fight over the same coin.

This means:

You get some great insurance, while making a mark on a cause you care about.

There’s no conflict of interest between you and us, because we always earn a flat fee.

Social good is baked into the core of our business model. That’s why Lemonade Inc. is a Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B-Corp.

How Giveback Works

You get a Lemonade policy, and select a nonprofit you care about

Once a year, we tally up the unclaimed money left from you and others who chose your cause

We give back that unclaimed money (up to 40%!) to the nonprofit you chose

Lemonade Inc. Giveback heart

Join the Giveback Movement

Tens of thousands of members already support causes they care about, simply by getting a Lemonade insurance policy. As our Lemonade community grows, your social impact can become even stronger.

get insured and give back