California Nonrenewal
FAIR Plan Notice

Pursuant to Cal. Ins. Code § 678(e), please be advised of the following:
The California Department of Insurance has developed the California Home Insurance Finder, an online tool that can assist you in obtaining insurance for your home. The Finder contains names, addresses, telephone numbers, and internet website links of licensed insurance agents, brokers, and insurance companies that may be able to sell insurance to you. The Finder is organized by ZIP Code and the languages in which the agent, broker, or insurance company sells insurance.

The California FAIR Plan (FAIR Plan) provides basic property insurance as the “insurer of last resort” if you cannot find insurance coverage for your property in the normal (voluntary) insurance market. The FAIR Plan provides basic property insurance coverage for residential structures, as well as personal property coverage for residential and business occupancies. However, FAIR Plan policies may not cover liability, theft, or water damage, among other things. There are also optional coverages available for both residential properties. Applications can be made directly with the FAIR Plan (, although the FAIR Plan strongly encourages use of a licensed agent or broker for assistance in preparing and obtaining a quote. There is no additional cost for using an agent or broker for purchasing a FAIR Plan policy.

California law requires an agent or broker to assist a person seeking a FAIR Plan policy by (1) submitting a coverage application to the FAIR Plan on behalf of the consumer, (2) providing the consumer the FAIR Plan’s internet website address and toll-free telephone number, or (3) obtaining a policy for the consumer through an admitted or non admitted insurer.

To supplement a FAIR Plan policy, a Difference in Conditions (DIC) policy should be considered. A DIC policy is sold by some private insurers, and provides coverage for things not covered by the basic property insurance policy provided by the FAIR Plan. A consumer who wants broader coverage than that provided by the FAIR Plan policy should contact an agent, broker, or insurance company that offers a DIC policy to obtain this additional coverage. The Department of Insurance maintains a list of insurance companies that sell DIC policies on its internet website ( Additional assistance may be obtained by contacting an agent or broker listed with the department’s online agent locator.