Additional Insured

An additional insured is a person you add to your insurance policy who lives with you and/or has a financial interest in your place.

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Who is an additional insured?

An additional insured refers to a person added on to an insurance policy who has an ownership interest in the property, but isn’t the policyholder.

This includes people with a financial interest in the policyholder’s place to the extent that if something happened, they’d be affected, as well as others living at the policyholder’s address but not covered by their policy.

Why would you want to add an additional insured?

Your Lemonade policy only covers you, so there are a few cases where adding an additional insured might come in handy:

  1. If you’re living with a partner
  2. If you’re living with a relative
  3. If you’re living with flatmates
  4. If someone else owns a part of your place but isn’t living with you

Coverage amounts and adding an additional insured

More people means more stuff and or a higher chance of bad things happening to those you love – things like getting sued, or having to pay legal fees as the result of an accident.

Stuff happens, and you’ll want to be as prepared as possible.

When adding an additional insured to your policy, keep in mind that the amount of cover you have may not be enough for everyone.

To figure out how much cover to pick, think about how much of a larger monthly premium you’re willing to pay now versus what you may have to pay in the future, and choose a number that makes sense for you.

To add an additional household member to your Lemonade policy, you’ll need to mention that you live with them in your quote by selecting the add-on for additional household members. You’ll then be asked to provide their names.

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