Insurance Quote

An insurance quote is an estimate of how much an insurance policy would cost (note: it isn’t set in stone so your final premium may be a little different… or the same!)

Get a Quote in Minutes

Contents insurance quotes, an intro

Before an insurance company gives you a final premium (the price you pay to be insured), they’ll offer you a quote.

Quotes are really convenient because you can see approximately how much you’ll be paying in relation to what type of cover and service you’ll receive in return. It also gives you the chance to take this knowledge to shop around, compare prices, and see what fits you best.

Every insurer has a different pricing model and different way in which they’ll assess how risky of an investment you are (read: how much they’ll need to pay out later down the road). After all, insurers are for-profit with a real bottom line.

If they think you’re a good fit, they’ll offer you a quote based on things like how close you are to a fire station, how far away you are from the coast, how many square feet your place is, how well your home is built, etc.

How to get an insurance quote

Getting an insurance quote has never been easier or faster. See for yourself how easy it is to get a contents insurance quote at Lemonade.

Looking back just a few years ago, to get a quote you’d have to call an insurance agent and give all of your details over the phone, or even fill out a long questionnaire in person (yikes!). Insurers would pass on your info to others that’d crunch the numbers and eventually get back to you with a quote.

Nowadays, there are companies that can get you an online quote in no time, and even some that can you get a quote through your phone through an app.

Here at Lemonade HQ, it takes minutes to get a contents insurance quote (literally!). People looking for insurance simply open the Lemonade App or go to, fill out a few questions with our chatbot, Maya, and instantly get a quote. Quite cool, eh?

Selecting the best insurance quote

While most people will go with the company offering the lowest price, cheap isn’t always best.

We’d suggest that you look at things like coverage amounts, high-value items and add-ons. Make sure the cover your potential insurance company is offering is in line with your lifestyle, and how much your stuff is worth.

Another aspect to consider is customer service and ease of use.

If you don’t like waiting on the phone or dealing with agents, you may want to look into a company offering insurance through an app where you can file claims and update cover by yourself. If you like the human element, then you should definitely look for a more traditional insurer that’ll take you through the process step by step.

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