How To Make Sense of Your Insurance Add-ons

Personalise your policy to suit your way of life with an add-on.

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Add-ons are like superpowers. Imagine you’re playing Super Mario and you’re searching for those power ups. One gives you super strength, another super durability—well, insurance is nothing like Super Mario, but add-ons in insurance are a really inexpensive way to get some extra real-life powers.

We know that contents insurance is a really effective way to protect you and your items in the event of some bad situations including: burglary, fire, vandalism, certain types of water damage, and a whole host of other inconvenient incidents… Unfortunately, your basic policy won’t cover every single eventuality.

That’s where add-ons come in. 

They provide extra protection for things your basic insurance policy won’t cover. So, for example, your base policy can cover you in case of burglary inside your property—but if something gets stolen outside your home, you’re out of luck. Unless of course you’d have added Theft and Loss cover—then you’re sorted. 

Lemonade’s Contents insurance offers four different add-ons so let’s get stuck into it. 

  • Theft and Loss cover
    Cover for theft and loss inside and outside the home 
  • Legal Protection cover
    Helps you pursue and defend legal claims 
  • Accidental Damage cover
    Cover for sudden and unexpected damage whether your fault or not 
  • Accidental Damage to Mobile Devices cover
    Cover for sudden and unexpected damage for your mobile devices
contents insurance add-ons

Theft & Loss cover

Read through our famously short Policy 2.0, and you’ll see contents insurance covers you for burglary— but this definition only applies if someone has illegally broken into your home and stolen your stuff, rather than nicked your phone on the Tube. With Theft & Loss Cover you’d be covered for both, and more! Another great perk of this add-on is you’ll also be covered if your house keys are lost or stolen. If this happens, we’ll cover the necessary costs to replace the locks or keys (facepalm).

Legal Protection cover

You get a certain amount of personal liability cover on your base policy, so you’ll be partially covered if you accidentally cause damage to someone else or their property. But adding the Legal Protection add-on will give you a bigger and better legal shield. For instance, we’ll provide legal protection in case of: disputes related to personal injury, your home, your employment, consumer agreements, and/or clinical negligence causing you injury. 

This cover means we’ll help you pursue and defend these legal claims, or the enforcement of an agreement, and help you to seek an injunction or other legal remedy (e.g. to stop a neighbour being noisy). We also provide confidential advice over the phone on any personal legal matter under UK law. Once you have your legal protection add-on, you’ll be covered up to £50,000 per event.

Accidental Damage cover

The third of our four add-ons is named Accidental Damage Cover and it covers you for a broader range of sudden and unexpected damage—even if it’s your fault.

So, let’s say you accidentally spill coffee on your brand new rug or knock over your TV—with accidental damage cover, you’d probably be covered. The only catch is this add-on doesn’t apply to your mobile devices or gadgets, like your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. For that you’d need Accidental Damage to Mobile Device cover, which brings us to…

Accidental Damage to Mobile Device cover

A mouthful, we know, but this one says what it does right on the tin. If you accidentally drop your phone down the toilet after a few drinks while trying to order an Uber—you’d feel silly, but you’d be sorted.

We partner with BeValued, a claims management company, who will actually come pick up your damaged mobile device and repair it using only original parts. What if your device needs to be replaced? Smartphones will be replaced with a refurbished, Grade A (mint condition) mobile. All other devices will be replaced as-new. It’s pretty much the best present you can get for anyone who relies heavily on their iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, and iWatch (sorry if you’re a Galaxy person, but you get the drift).

Before we go…

Add-ons are a really great way to pimp your policy–and it feels good knowing you’ve covered for so many of life’s annoying circumstances. Add-ons might bump up your premium ever so slightly, but when shit hits the fan, you’ll be glad you did it.

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