Life Insurance 101

Life insurance doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’ll take you through the basics of the different types of coverage, the costs, and more.

Is Life Insurance Worth It?

Before making such an important decision, it helps to have the facts

What Does Life Insurance Cover and How Does It Work?

Here's how your policy could help your loved ones in their time of need.

How Much Is Life Insurance?

The costs of life insurance, made simple

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No medical exam life insurance is a policy you can sign up for without a full medical exam

Irrevocable Beneficiary

An irrevocable beneficiary on a life insurance policy cannot be changed or removed without the beneficiary’s consent

What Is a Contingent Beneficiary?

A contingent beneficiary is the person or organization that is second in line to receive the payout from your life insurance policy if your primary beneficiary cannot

What's the Difference Between Term Life and Whole Life Insurance?

We lay out the pros and cons of term and whole life insurance, so that you can feel confident to make an educated decision

Everything You Need to Know About Life Insurance

Helping provide your family with financial protection doesn't have to be confusing

How to Buy Life Insurance

The ins-and-outs of a potentially life-changing purchase for the people you love

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Don’t worry, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to calculate how much life insurance you need

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that essentially guarantees an income-tax-free payment when the policyholder passes away

Should I Have a $1 Million Life Insurance Policy?

We break down how a $1 million policy could help set up the people who matter most

What Are the Different Types of Life Insurance?

We break down some of the most popular types of life insurance, and also explore some less traditional coverage types

Why Did I Get Denied for Life Insurance?

If you've been turned down for a policy, you're not the only one

What Happens in a Life Insurance Medical Exam?

Let's get physical, physical

What is a Beneficiary for Life Insurance?

The primary beneficiary of your life insurance policy is the person, charitable organization, trust, estate, or business who receives the payout when you die

What is Death Benefit Life Insurance?

The death benefit is the amount an insurance company promises to pay out, generally tax-free, when the life insurance policyholder dies

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance typically guarantees an income-tax-free payment when the policyholder passes away

What is Credit Life Insurance?

Credit life insurance is an insurance policy that promises to pay off a specific loan if you should pass away with outstanding debt

Should I Choose a 10, 20, or 30-Year Term Life Policy?

Let's ponder how long you'd like to be covered for.

Life Insurance for New Parents

You might be distracted right now, but this stuff is important.

What Types of Term Life Insurance Are There?

Level term? Convertible? Return of premium? We break it down.

What's the Best Life Insurance for Young Adults?

It's the perfect time to go shopping for a policy.

What Happens When Your Term Life Insurance Expires?

What to consider before your term is up.

What is Level Term Life Insurance?

Find out if this policy might be right for you.

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