No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No medical exam life insurance is a policy you can sign up for without a full medical exam

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no medical exam life insurance

No exam life insurance is a policy you can sign up for without getting a full medical exam. Instead, you answer a questionnaire that covers your medical history and lifestyle factors.

Although you may be able to skip the exam with Lemonade, in some cases, a medical exam will be required in order to offer you coverage.

What does a no medical exam life insurance policy entail?

A traditional life insurance policy may require an application process that includes submitting to a full medical exam, which typically includes a blood test and a urine sample as well as a check of your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. 

If you’re like a lot of people, the medical exam might push you away from buying life insurance until you’re a bit older and (maybe) more patient, but remember that, as you get older, you’ll probably face higher premiums. 

Does Lemonade’s life insurance require a medical exam?

That depends. In some cases you may be required to do a quick medical exam to ensure that you can get the best price for your coverage.

Once you’ve answered some initial questions on the Lemonade website or app, you will be transferred to a phone call with a live agent who may ask you some additional questions and require you to complete an exam before making a final decision about offering coverage. 

What’s the application process like for Lemonade life insurance?

At Lemonade, we realize that the process of shopping and applying for life insurance can be daunting, so we’ve tried to make it as seamless as possible.

You’ll start the application on the Lemonade website or app, where you’ll answer a few basic questions about yourself and your health. From that point, we’ll transfer you to our partners, Legal & General, who will help you customize your policy and complete your application. 

In some cases, you may be able to skip the medical exam and get a quote right away.  In other cases, you may be required to answer a few additional questions that could take 2-10 days for an underwriter to review. And, depending on your circumstances, you might be asked to complete a medical exam that could mean waiting 10-30 days for a final decision about coverage.

Once you’ve successfully completed your application and been approved for a policy, you’ll finish up your purchase on Legal & General’s website. 

The application process is straightforward and simple, and we and our partners at Legal & General will walk you through each step. Meanwhile, if you’re still curious about how life insurance works, we have a ton of resources to help guide your decisions.

Is Lemonade’s life insurance offering right for me?

If you’re in good health, and want to quickly and simply get a life insurance policy that would cover burial expenses, while also leaving money to carry your family into the future, Lemonade’s life insurance offering might be right for you.

 Term life insurance offered by Lemonade includes coverage options ranging from $100,000 up to an unlimited maximum benefit, with rates starting as low as $8 a month. 

Lemonade could be a solid match for your needs, but feel free to consult an expert, or your financial advisor, if you need additional advice.

If there’s no exam, what information will I need to provide?

Lemonade’s life insurance offering sometimes allows you to forgo a medical exam, depending on other factors related to your health. 

As always, if you don’t give your insurer 100% accurate information(and, of course, make all your payments on time), life insurance companies won’t pay your loved ones the death benefit. When you’re applying for Lemonade’s life insurance offering, be sure to be truthful and straightforward.

I’m only 25. Why would I need Lemonade’s life insurance offering?

When you’re young, it’s easy to feel invincible. But life is full of unexpected twists and turns, as well as accidents we can never predict. So even if you’re in the prime of life, it can be a good idea to secure a life insurance policy that can help protect your loved ones if you’re no longer around.

Locking in Lemonade’s life insurance when you’re young, and in good health, will also help you land more affordable premium rates—and those rates are locked in for the entirety of your policy’s term.

What about guaranteed issue life insurance?

Guaranteed issue is what it sounds like: Everyone who applies will be accepted, and no medical exam is required. In fact, the applicant doesn’t even need to answer any questions about their personal medical background. Yes, that’s less work than Lemonade’s life insurance offering requires, since we require you to provide some basic personal info and health history.

While guaranteed issue life insurance might sound nice and easy, it’s not so simple. Premiums tends to be quite a bit higher than other policy options, since the insurance company—not knowing much about your health or lifestyle situation—is taking more of a risk. Also, the death benefit for guaranteed issue insurance is quite modest, and a series of waiting periods apply as well, meaning it’s not active immediately and won’t cover you if you pass away during those periods.

Lemonade’s life insurance offering won’t accept everyone who applies, but it might be the right fit for you, depending on your budget and circumstances.

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