Great digital brands transcend borders. Whether in Chicago, Paris, or Singapore, today’s consumers listen to music on Spotify, ride with Uber, and stay at Airbnb. Consumers are increasingly cosmopolitan, socially aware, and tech-native – everything Lemonade was built to be.

That’s why going global feels natural for us.

So we’re thrilled to announce that Lemonade is coming to Europe – our first major market outside of the United States.

Europe, the birthplace of modern insurance, is one of the largest insurance markets globally, and is home to the two largest insurers worldwide – AXA and Allianz. (Both are investors in Lemonade and dear friends. We’re kinda hoping they’ll see our European launch as a boost to their investment, rather than as the challenge to their business we hope it becomes. ☺️ )

Beyond its insurance bonafides, Europe is home to thriving tech ecosystems, and to countless people who wrote to ask that we come to their country.

Those are reasons enough, though for me it runs a little deeper.

You see, as a Brit, I grew up on an Island that saw itself as at once part of Europe, and possessed of a ‘Special Relationship’ with the US (them were the days!). My 4 grandparents were born in 3 different continental countries, and my 23andme DNA test suggests that my family has been European for 1,000 years! Europe’s a core part of my identity, and home to my grandmother, siblings, in-laws and many friends. Not to get too teary-eyed, but this is something of a homecoming for me.  

Bottom line is, for a whole bunch of reasons, we’re ecstatic to come to Europe, look forward to engaging consumers across its countries and languages, and can’t wait to work with European nonprofits for the next Lemonade Giveback.   

Europe, forget everything you know about insurance!

*Make sure you’re the first to know when we come to your city!

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