Updated September 18, 2019: We just launched in Missouri!

Updated August 8, 2019: We just launched in Massachusetts!

Updated July 3, 2019: We just launched in Oklahoma!

Updated June 6, 2019: We just launched in Colorado!

Updated March 25, 2019: We just launched in Virginia!

Updated March 5, 2019: We just launched in Tennessee!

Updated December 18, 2018: We just launched in Indiana!

Updated July 8, 2018: We just launched in Connecticut!

Updated June 25, 2018: We just launched in Arkansas!

Updated June 12, 2018: We just launched in Oregon!

Updated May 29, 2018: We just launched in Michigan!

Updated May 17, 2018: We just launched in New Mexico!

Updated May 14, 2018: We just launched in Arizona!

Updated May 9, 2018: We just launched in Wisconsin!

Updated May 9, 2018: We just launched in Iowa!

Updated May 4, 2018: We just launched in Maryland!

Updated March 19, 2018: We just launched in Washington DC!

Updated March 12, 2018: We just launched in Pennsylvania!

Updated February 27, 2018: We just launched in Georgia!

Updated November 21, 2017: We just launched in Ohio!

Updated November 6, 2017: We just launched in Nevada!

Updated October 10th, 2017: We just launched in Rhode Island!

Updated September 18, 2017: We just launched in Texas!

Updated August 2, 2017: We just launched in New Jersey!

Updated May 10, 2017: We just launched in California!

Updated April 4, 2017: We just launched in Illinois!

September 21, 2016: We’re super excited to announce that we launched homeowners and renters insurance in New York.

The overwhelming support we’ve been getting from people all over the country asking us to launch in their state really energized us to push our expansion plans earlier than we originally planned, so thanks folks!

In the coming months, we’ll continue to release information about the states where Lemonade will be available.

Sign up for updates at Lemonade Goes Nationwide.

Due to regulatory complexities, Mississippi, Washington, and Wyoming will have to wait a little longer, and will not be part of this expansion wave.

Lemonade was built with this kind of aggressive expansion in mind. Our products and technology were designed in a way that requires very little, if any, extra effort to support the different regulatory requirements from state to state, and the fact that we use bots and AI instead of brokers and agents naturally simplifies things.

The founder and chairman of the XPrize and Singularity University (and one of our founding board members) Peter Diamandis was spot on when he said that this kind of exponential growth can only be achieved when you move insurance from an infrastructure that is reliant on agents and paperwork into one that is built on bots and tech.

We invite you to track progress and be the first to know when we get to your state!

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Update: take a look at Lemonade’s City Guides – curated tips and expert recommendations from the locals themselves on what to do, see, and eat in their home towns: