The Covid-19 pandemic has hurt so many in so many ways – but we’re working hard to ensure we provide uninterrupted service whenever our customers need us. Despite the obstacles, our team, all working from home, have been paying out claims and answering inquiries as fast and as emphatically as ever. AI Maya and AI Jim, of course, are working 24/7, oblivious to the pandemic that has changed so much for humanity, though nothing at all for bots.

Beyond ensuring that we deliver the best service, we’re trying to do our bit to help our immediate and wider community through our Giveback program and by providing financial relief for our policyholders. Many of our team members have also been volunteering their time and talents to a wide range of Covid-response initiatives.

1. Giveback to Covid response

Charitable giving has been part of Lemonade from the start. On March 23rd, we invited our customers to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic by switching their Giveback cause to Direct Relief. Tens of thousands chose to reallocate their unused premiums to help buy critical medical supplies for health workers on the front lines – a hugely impactful move.

2. Social distancing

On March 12th, we asked our employees across our four global offices to work from home to minimize transmission of Covid-19, having begun preparing for this shift in early February.

We’re a fully digital company, which means our machine learning, artificial intelligence, and claims process can continue to work from anywhere without missing a beat. Our customer experience teams are also using hi-tech wizardry to provide a high quality of service, and happily, our customer satisfaction levels are at record highs.

3. Helping with premium payments

These are difficult times, and we realize that some of our loyal customers may not be able to keep up with their insurance payments. So we now allow customers suffering from financial hardship to defer their payments for up to 60 days while staying covered. Also, we extended our grace period to 60 days for those who’ve already fallen behind, in the hope that this helps.

4. We’re still hiring

Since we’ve been able to keep up with claims, quality of service, and even the rate of our daily updates to the Lemonade product, we’ve continued hiring for various roles at our four global locations. Interviewing and onboarding exclusively over video-conference has been a new experience for us, but we’re looking forward to welcoming these new makers to the team, and eventually, to our offices.

We’re here for you, from wherever ‘here’ may be

Things will take a long time to go back to how they were, and we are all unclear on what happens next. But one thing that remains a constant is our dedication to supporting our community of Lemonaders throughout this crisis. We’re glad to report that so far we’re managing to do just that from the safety of our homes – and that our commitment to you is as steadfast as ever.

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