We’ve all been told that DALL-E 2, the AI-powered visual creation tool from OpenAI, is “already transforming creative work.” But how can art made by AI imagine and depict insurance (and, um, arguably “insurance-adjacent”) topics?

Lemonade is built around cutting-edge AI, but we’re not using it to make pretty pictures. We tasked DALL-E 2 with conjuring some computer-generated images relevant to our core businesses: pet, renters, homeowners, and car insurance? (We left term life out of the mix, since we didn’t want things to get too weird.)

Let’s take a look at some of the masterpieces—along with the prompts that DALL-E 2 was fed in order to create them. Art made by artificial intelligence might have a long way to go, but it’s certainly never boring.

“A veterinarian giving a very large dog their vaccines while watching television.”

Okay, a bit problematic. Everyone knows your pup needs vaccines, and hopefully knows that pet health insurance can help pay for some of them. But they’re definitely not administered via an enormous tube inserted into your dog’s mouth. Cool beard, though.

“Renters insurance protects your personal belongings from theft, including your bicycle, painted in a Surrealist style.”

This one is undeniably sexy. The floating umbrella seems like DALL-E 2’s attempt to convey an idea of “protection,” yet also alludes to the famous painter Magritte. Meanwhile, the other stuff floating around—a supersized wine bottle? a briefcase? a fencing mask?—are indeed “personal belongings” that would ostensibly be covered by your renters policy.

“Homeowners insurance policy, in a vaporwave style.”

We’re thrilled that DALL-E 2 associates homeowners insurance with a vibrant pink color that is at least in the ballpark of our own #FF0083. The text banner up top is…interesting. When DALL-E is confronted by verbiage it doesn’t understand, it tends to regurgitate text that is 50% Eastern European-inspired, and 50% gibberish. Thankfully, Lemonade policies are a lot easier to interpret.

“A fender bender involving a Corvette, a tractor trailer, and a helicopter, on a highway, in the style of Van Gogh”

DALL-E 2 pretty much nailed it. It even seems to have taken a bit of editorial license and included an ambulance in the background that we didn’t even ask for—what a sweetheart!

“A photograph of a man breaking his leg after falling into a conversation pit in a home in Los Angeles”

We’ve been obsessed with conversation pits recently, like most people. One downside? They can be a bit dangerous, especially if you’ve had a few. (Your renters or homeowners insurance policy might come in handy if any party guests trip and fall, just saying.) Unfortunately, no insurance policy is going to help this monstrosity. DALL-E 2 doesn’t really “get” the idea of the conversation pit, or the fact that a functional human generally has some anatomical bits above their waistline. But hey, at least this will give our nightmares some fuel for a few weeks.

“3D rendering of a fire in a kitchen with blue walls and a pink floor, with a man pouring water on the floor”

One of our favorites! It looks like a still from an unreleased Michel Gondry animation. It kinda looks like this dude has started a campfire in his kitchen, which wouldn’t be covered by your insurance policy. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that it’s just an accident, in which case he has a better shot with his claim.

“A group of people singing about how much they love their insurance policies, all dressed as lemons, inside a volcano”

DALL-E 2 is pretty good at making animals look cute, and making humans look absolutely horrifying. Maybe it’s because DALL-E 2 hates us, and is simply biding its time until it can finally take over and ship us off to a penal colony on Mars. In any case, it hit the major points here, and these folks do look pretty psyched to sing the praises of their citrus-based insurance policies.

“An ugly man stealing a catalytic converter from a car parked inside a luxury hotel”

The man is ugly—check. We are arguably inside the lobby of a nice hotel—check. DALL-E 2 has a bit of a scale problem here, though. Let’s give it the benefit of a doubt and assume that this is a catalytic converter, a car part that is often the subject of theft. They’re not this big though, and they’re located underneath the automobile, not…impaled-slash-melting into the back of the trunk. What does this thief think he’s going to do, just waltz out of the fancy hotel lobby lugging a catalytic converter the size of an adult manatee?

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, in a cyberpunk style”

A++, no notes at all.

“A labradoodle buying his first home.”

Guys, we almost teared up a bit. Don’t tell anyone. What a proud moment for this doodle, who finally scraped together a 20% down payment! It’s also a cheap and easy opportunity for us to mention that we offer bundle discounts for any Lemonade policyholders who have both homeowners and pet insurance.

“A photo of a skinny dog driving a sports car in New York City”

We really wanted to keep that bundling love going and remind you that those same discounts apply if you pair Lemonade Pet with Lemonade Car. Unfortunately, things went sour here, real quick.

“A 3D rendering of the increasing risks of climate change for homeowners”

DALL-E 2 strikes a more somber tone when confronted with the harsh realities of the 21st century. The word CHANCE might just be a bastardization of “CHANGE,” but we’d like to think the AI is waxing poetic here. This half-built house resting atop pillars that appear to be on fire—along with a staircase to nowhere—is an appropriately chilling reminder of the ravages of climate change.

“A very safe driver cruising on the highway in a car made out of a lemon”

Full disclosure: We’re actually not fond of lemon puns over here at Lemonade. At all. But DALL-E 2 seems to like drawing lemons, so we’re making some exceptions. Here, it’s decided to make the lemon the driver, not the car itself. He seems to be affixed to the windshield with a suction cup? And in any case, not super safe. We love safe drivers who ride with the Lemonade app. We don’t love out-of-control lemons who don’t know which side of the steering wheel to sit on.

“A sad woman sitting in her FF0083 living room while the ceiling leaks and her furniture gets all wet, digital art”

Yikes, this makes Edward Hopper look positively cheery. This woman must be depressed because she doesn’t have renters insurance. She also needs to see a podiatrist immediately.

“A happy guy revolutionizing the insurance industry using technology and artificial intelligence, 3D rendering”

It’s like looking in the mirror. DALL-E 2…you get us. You really get us.

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