A Different Kind of Car Insurance

Let's explore the unique perks and benefits of Lemonade Car, a whole new way of doing car insurance.

Team LemonadeTeam Lemonade

When we decided to roll out car insurance, we wanted to make sure our drivers enjoy everything they already love about Lemonade: Instant everything. Great prices. Big heart. 

With Lemonade Car, we challenged ourselves to change the car insurance game. Our drivers can expect surprising features, delightful discounts, and earth-loving incentives to get you excited about driving with Lemonade. 

We’re going to take you through the finer details of what we offer, and give you an inside look on what makes Lemonade Car special.

Lemonade Car discounts

We offer a wide range of discounts based on how you drive, how often you drive, whether you have other Lemonade policies, and more. Let’s dive in to some of them.

Location-based technology savings

Lemonade Car works best with our mobile app’s location-based technology. You get an immediate discount for enabling a few permissions, plus it allows us to give you lower premiums to reward safe driving in the future. Here’s more info on how our app makes car insurance better.

Low mileage savings

Do you mainly use your car for a short commute? Maybe you keep your wheels in the garage and hop on a bike for most of your daily errands? Great news, Lemonade Car will tailor your premiums depending on how much (or how little) you drive, meaning that low mileage drivers pay way less.

Hybrid and EV savings 

If you drive a hybrid or electric car, you’ll enjoy another discount on your Lemonade Car policy. It’s as simple as that.  

Signing up early? There’s savings for that too. 

If you sign up for Lemonade Car before your coverage start date, we’ll give you a discount. Planning ahead pays with Lemonade. 

Bundle your Lemonade policies and save

If you already have Lemonade renters, homeowners, pet, or life insurance coverage, you can bundle and save up to 10% on each of your Lemonade premiums. 

Other features that make Lemonade Car special 

Crash detection and emergency assistance

If you get into an accident, we’ll be alerted and able to get in touch with you to make sure everything’s okay. From there, we can dispatch emergency services to the scene. Getting in a crash or fender bender is stressful enough, and this is one less thing you have to handle yourself.   

Roadside assistance

If your car breaks down, just let us know using the Lemonade app, and we’ll send roadside assistance to your location immediately—on us— so you can continue safely on your way, ASAP. 

Planting trees while you drive 

You read that right. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees based on Lemonade Car policyholders’ mileage behind the wheel. When you’re driving with the Lemonade app, we’re able to calculate how many trees to plant in order to help shrink your carbon footprint. 

It’s our small way of making the world a little bit greener, and helping us all breathe a little bit easier. 

Hit the road the Lemonade way 

Lemonade Car lets you enjoy all the things you love the most about our renters, homeowners, and pet health insurance coverages, now tailored to every facet of your car insurance experience.

Unconflicted claims

Here at Lemonade, we strongly believe your leftover premiums are not our money.

We’re able to keep our prices low while taking a flat fee up front to keep things running. The remaining money from your premiums is put aside to pay out claims, and if there’s funds left over, we donate it to charities you care about, via our Giveback program. This unique business model means that we have no financial interest in denying your claims, and we’ll never fight over the same coin. 

When you build your Lemonade Car policy, you get to choose a charity you care about to receive your unclaimed money.  In 2021, Lemonade policyholders donated over $2 million dollars to 65 vital charities. 

If you already chose a cause for a different Lemonade policy, you can skip this step.  Your unused premiums from all your policies will support the same cause—that’s a lot of impact! 

Fast & seamless customer experience

At Lemonade, we are obsessed with our policyholders, which is why we’re committed to a frictionless, instant process through every stage of your car insurance journey. 

It all happens on our top-rated mobile app. From applying for your Lemonade Car policy, to filing a claim, receiving emergency assistance, or locking-in discounts—your coverage, and our service, is always at your fingertips. 

When it comes to filing claims, Lemonade Car has your back. Because our location-based technology can pinpoint exactly where accidents happen, we have more details about incidents, and can sometimes pay out claims faster, and with less hassle.

Amazing coverage & great prices

Lemonade is already known for offering top-rated coverage at competitive prices, and our car insurance is no exception. Lemonade Car helps you get the coverage you need and the protection you want, while ensuring you meet your state’s requirements and restrictions. 

Let’s roll!

With Lemonade Car, we have made it our mission to get you covered, keep you safe, and even help you fall in love with your car insurance. Switch to Lemonade to enjoy offers, deals, and best in class coverage, all in the palm of your hand. Get the full scoop on Lemonade Car coverages here, and remember that policies start as low as $30/mo. 

We’re excited to share Lemonade Car with you.


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