When should we think about leaving our jobs and becoming entrepreneurs?

So, let’s be clear about a few things: most startups fail.

If you think about life as a set of adventures,

Ideally, everybody would start a startup at some point in their life.

The question is when? Because startups are so risky, the right time to attack them is a time when you can actually sustain some risk in your life.

For some people it might be when they’re young, and they don’t have bills to pay, and it’s a good time to take risk. Other people it may be good to do once they retire, because at that time they have some cushion and they can sustain some risk.

Whatever your point is in life, the moment you can take some risk, I would highly recommend: invest in yourself, learn something new, learn something exciting, try and do something on your own, that you’re in charge of.