Lemonade just launched in renters insurance in NJ, the fourth state to offer renters and homeowners insurance quotes powered by AI and driven by social good. We’re well on our way to reaching 50% of the US population, and we’re pumped!

When we first launched Lemonade in New York back in September 2016, a bunch of us lived in NJ but worked from our NY headquarters. So you can imagine the disappointment of reinventing insurance that was available only to those who lived within concrete jungle limits.

Team Lemonade members weren’t the only ones – we received endless requests to launch in Jersey from residents who work in New York City. They were hearing about Lemonade from their coworkers and friends living in the Big Apple, and they wanted their Lemonade too.

Ever since, the lobby for New Jersey has been strong.

Strong, and enthusiastic! After New York, Illinois was next to launch, followed by California renters insurance and homeowners insurance, the tech capital of the world. And as we grew, so did our New Jersey fan club. So before we launched anywhere else, we were determined to bring Lemonade to NY’s next-door neighbor.

Lemonade arriving in New Jersey Customer Testimonials
By popular demand, we’re here, NJ. We’re bringing renters and homeowners insurance driven by behavioral economics and social good to the home of Bruce Springsteen, Game of Thrones, and the best bagels in the US (sorry, NY!). Whether you’re commuting on the PATH or waiting for your gas to be pumped, 90 seconds is all it takes to get a Lemonade insurance policy!

Since our NJ team members got us all in the mood, we put together a list of

1. Best diners in the world
2. Family vacations down the shore
3. Exit numbers that are a joke to everyone but those of us who live there
4. The Boss, Bon Jovi, and of course Frank Sinatra
5. No tax on clothes or shoes
6. Location, location: within an hour of everything, from beaches, mountains, NYC or Philly
7. Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll, egg, and cheese bagel
8. There’s always an Italian bakery on every corner
9. Someone will pump your gas for you. In the dead of winter, that’s golden
10. Lemonade is available 🙂

New Jersey renter, condo, or homeowner? Get insured in 90 seconds here.

BTW, Lemonade has been licensed in 9 other states and will gradually launch each this year, including: Texas, Arizona, Maryland, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Michigan.

To stay up to date about Lemonade’s launch in these states, stay tuned at Lemonade Goes Nationwide.

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