The B Corporation, Explained

B Corporations like Lemonade, Ben & Jerry’s, and Warby Parker recognize that business is about more than making profits—it’s about social good.

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Pride and Protest in 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic—and the resurgence of Black Lives Matter protests—this year’s Pride is innovative, introspective, and energized.

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How Are Brands Actually Making a Difference in the Age of COVID-19?

With 3D-printed face masks and $2,000 ventilators, these brands are doing it right.

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4 Ways To Do Giving Tuesday Right

If this time of year makes your head spin, you’re not alone. Here’s how to hack #GivingTuesday, according to our Lemonade nonprofits.

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How To Optimize Your Social Impact

Most of us give our money away without even knowing if it will actually make a difference. How can we improve our giving so it makes the most impact?

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