Pet insurance 101

Got pet insurance questions? Well, we’ve got answers! Get the scoop on your furry friend’s pet insurance policy—from coverage, to costs, and more.

What is Pet Insurance Coverage and How Does It Work?

Your go-to resource for pet insurance coverage, in plain English.

What Does Pet Health Insurance Not Cover?

How to avoid surprises when it comes time to pay your next vet bill.


Co-insurance can be confusing, but we'll dig into all the details.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

The benefits of a financial safety net for your furry friend's vet bills.

How to File a Pet Insurance Claim

It's so simple, your dog could probably do it. (Don't let your dog do it.)

What is a Pet Insurance Waiting Period?

Waiting periods refer to the length of time before your pet’s conditions may be eligible for reimbursement from your pet insurance provider.

Lemonade's Preventative Care Options, Explained

Your pet will flip over these perks...

Pre-Existing Condition

Get the facts on how a pre-existing condition can impact your pet insurance coverage.

What to Do After Getting Your Pet Insurance Policy

School yourself on waiting periods, medical records, and more.

Pet Medical Records

A pet medical record is an official document, provided by your vet, with details about your pet’s medical history.

How to Buy Lemonade Pet Insurance

Follow these simple steps to get your fur fam covered in no time!

Preventative Care

Preventative care describes treatments that promote your pet’s general wellness.

Lemonade's Preventative Package for Puppies and Kittens, Explained

It makes sense to get your fur fam enrolled when they're young!

How Much Is Pet Insurance?

Let’s dig into the factors that impact how much your pet insurance costs.

Demystifying Pet Insurance Coverages

We're here to help you cut through all the jargon

Pet Insurance Terms, Explained

Because "my dog ate my homework" isn't really an excuse.

Lemonade's Pet Insurance Add-Ons, Explained

Your pet deserves more coverage, as a treat.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Dental Care? 

Say "fleas"!

The Ultimate Lemonade Pet FAQ

You've got questions, we've got answers.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Medication?

An easy pill to swallow.

Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets: Costs, Claims, & More

We'll cover the whole 'kitten' caboodle.

Lemonade Pet Renewals: What You Need to Know

Cheers to another year!

Pet Claim Denials: Things to Keep in Mind

Some answers for when claims don’t go as you planned.

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