Lemonade Pet Renewals: What You Need to Know

Cheers to another year!

lemonade pet renewals

Thanks for being a part of the Lemonade Pet community for one whole year—or seven dog years, to be precise! Covering your pet has been a privilege, and a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

When your renewal comes around, you might have some questions. Let’s get right to it, so we can get back to caring for your fur fam.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Does my policy renew automatically? 


Your renewal policy will go into effect one year after your start date. We’ll email you a new policy about a month before renewal, so you can review the offer, and make changes if you want to. 

You’ll have 14 days after renewal to make changes to your policy. (Much more on that below)

How can I upgrade my policy at renewal? 

Now that you’ve had coverage for a year, you might want to round out your policy with some optional Preventative Care Packages or add-ons. You can start requesting changes to your policy as soon as you get your renewal email. 

Keep in mind, you have up to 14 days after your renewal to make changes before your coverage is locked in for the year. 

We currently offer three Preventative Care packages to help cover the stuff you’re probably already paying for to keep your pet healthy: 

Preventative Care

Covers a wellness exam, 3 vaccines, bloodwork, and routine tests.

Preventative+ Care

Covers everything above, plus flea/tick or heartworm medication and routine dental cleaning.

Puppy/Kitten Preventative Care 

Covers 2 wellness exams, 6 vaccines, more tests, flea/tick or heartworm medication, plus spaying/neutering and microchipping.

Read more about  our Preventative Care packages here.

We also offer five optional add-ons to complement your base accident and illness policy. These include: Vet visit fees, physical therapy, dental illness, behavioral conditions, and end-of-life and remembrance.   

Get the scoop on our add-ons here

Keep in mind, all upgrades are subject to Underwriting approval, so not all upgrades will be available to all pets in all states.

Interested in learning more about changes to your policy? Give us a call at 1-844-733-8666. 

Do my waiting periods restart at renewal? 


Waiting periods are a one-time thing, only applicable for your pet’s first year with Lemonade. They don’t reset. 

The waiting periods you might be seeing listed on your renewal policy are the same, original, waiting periods from when you first signed up.

Why did my price go up at renewal?

We sometimes need to change premium prices in order to offer pets the same great coverage.

 There are a few reasons why your pet insurance rates might be increasing, including:

  • The age of your pet. Younger pets tend to pay less to account for less expensive and less frequent medical care expenses
  • The rising cost of veterinary care and treatments
  • Changes within the pet insurance industry as a whole
  • Inflation, dreaded inflation 

Please keep in mind that filing claims will never result in a rate change to your Lemonade Pet policy. 

How can I save on my pet insurance premiums at renewal? 

Change your coverage

If you’re looking to lower your premiums, we can work with you to find the price and coverage level that you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind all changes to your policy are subject to Underwriting approval, and may be impacted by your account history. 

You’ll have 14 days after you renew to make changes to your policy.

To lower your premium you can: 

  • Select a higher deductible
  • Lower your co-insurance
  • Decrease your annual limit 
  • Remove or change Preventative Care packages or add-ons 

Keep in mind that adjusting your deductible and co-insurance will result in you having to pay more towards eligible claims, while lowering your annual limit will decrease the total amount we can reimburse you for over the course of the year. 

Plus, removing Preventative Care or add-ons will, of course, remove the benefits from those packages from your policy and may inhibit you from re-adding them again down the line. 

While all changes to your policy are subject to Underwriting approval, keep in mind, you can likely decrease your coverages. But if you do opt to decrease, you probably won’t be able to increase your coverages back again in the future. 

Note: If you currently have the Puppy/Kitten Preventative Care package, and your pet has already had most of their initial vaccines and has undergone their spay/neuter procedure, we recommend that you switch to the base Preventative Care package at renewal. That way you can continue to get the most value from your policy, without paying for coverage you no longer need. 

Unlock discounts

There are three discounts that you might be able to unlock for your pet insurance policy. Keep in mind that they might not be available in every state. 

  1. Multi-pet discount. Automatically get up to 5% off your policies if you have more than one canine or feline signed up for Lemonade Pet.
  2. Annual discount. Pay for a full year of Lemonade Pet at renewal to get up to 5% off your premium (plus, we’ll shave off the monthly $1 transaction fee). 
  3. Bundle discount. If you have Lemonade renters, homeowners, car, or life insurance, you can get up to 10% off your policies. 

A note on discounts: All available Lemonade Pet discounts (multi-pet, bundle, and annual payment) apply to the price of your base accident and illness policy, plus the vet visit fee and physical therapy add-ons. Other add-ons and Preventative Care packages will not get any discount applied towards their pricing.

Tell me about curable pre-existing conditions 

In most states, we are able to offer coverage for curable pre-existing conditions or injuries that resolve without symptoms or continued treatment for at least 12 months. 

So, if your pet was treated for diarrhea or an upper respiratory infection sometime before you signed up for Lemonade Pet, and they haven’t shown any signs or symptoms since, your pet might be eligible for coverage if they were to develop those conditions again going forward. 

Note that knee or ligament conditions and chronic conditions like diabetes or allergies cannot be cured, and therefore could not be covered as a curable pre-existing condition.
Take a deeper dive into pre-existing conditions here.

Before we go… 

We hope this helped clear up some of your questions regarding your upcoming Lemonade Pet renewal. 
If you’d like to make any changes at renewal, feel free to respond directly to the renewal email in your inbox, or shoot us an email at: [email protected]. If you’d prefer to chat with someone on the phone, give us a call at 1-844-733-8666.

A few quick words, because we <3 our lawyers: This post is general in nature, and any statement in it doesn’t alter the terms, conditions, exclusions, or limitations of policies issued by Lemonade, which differ according to your state of residence. You’re encouraged to discuss your specific circumstances with your own professional advisors. The purpose of this post is merely to provide you with info and insights you can use to make such discussions more productive! Naturally, all comments by, or references to, third parties represent their own views, and Lemonade assumes no responsibility for them. Coverage may not be available in all states.

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