Lemonade's Preventative Care Options, Explained

Your pet will flip over these perks...

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If you want to add a bit extra to your dog or cat’s Lemonade Pet health insurance policy, we’ve now got some exciting options that can help cover your furry friend for everything from vaccinations to routine dental cleaning.

While a basic accident and illness pet health insurance policy will cover you for the unexpected things in your fur fam’s future, adding preventative care to your coverage can help with expenses you’re already spending money on.

There’s a good chance you’re already paying more out-of-pocket than the cost of our new preventative care packages for your pet’s ongoing health care, and by adding it to a Lemonade policy you’ll be covered for all kinds of things that help keep your pet healthy—like your annual wellness exam, blood tests, vaccines, and more. 

Let’s dive into the packages and perks. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a puppy or kitten at home—we’ve also got another great package that you’ll want to check out.

Adding the Preventative package to your pet’s base policy comes with it a number of advantages. Basically, Lemonade can help cover up to 90% of your vet bills, depending on how you’ve customized your policy.

You get covered for up to three vital vaccinations, as well as an annual blood test that can help detect health problems. You’ll also be covered for annual screening tests for parasites (catching an issue early could spare you treatment costs from $400 to $1,000) and heartworm, as well as an annual physical for your cat or dog.

In addition, you’ll have access to our medical advice chat via the Lemonade app—no more searching Quora or frantically Googling to get your answers about your pet’s health.

Lemonade’s Preventative+ package 

Want to get even more for your pet? We’ve got options if you’re ready to level up…

The Preventative+ plan includes all of the benefits we’ve already discussed, and it also allows us to reimburse you for heartworm or flea/tick medication—as well as routine dental cleaning. 

That last past could really help your wallet and as you keep Fido’s chompers in camera-ready shape.

For most dogs, dental cleaning requires anesthesia and can last over an hour. If your pet is young and healthy, a regular cleaning could be $500 to $1,000, on average. That’s not a typo. For an older dog with oral health issues, the cost could actually be over $1,000. That’s a big hit to your finances, and it might make the Preventative+ plan a good option to consider.

While dental cleaning bills for cats are more modest—sometimes as low as $200—certain feline teeth can require extra attention, bumping the cost of vet bills. It wouldn’t be unheard of to spend $1,000 on your cat’s dental care.

Before you go…

Ready to get your cat or dog covered with Lemonade? Just click the pink button below to get started—it’s quick, easy, and even…fun? (One small caveat—our extended preventative care packages aren’t available in California just yet. We expect that to change very soon!).

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to school yourself more on pet medical insurance in general, we’ve got you covered. Check out any of the following guides, which break things down in plain English.


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