You must be wondering: what is the best way to save some money every month? Well, the idea of ‘the best’ is an activity we can give up, without sacrificing too much on our happiness.

So what is this category?

We did a study on this. We went into people’s bank accounts, pulled 40 transactions, and on each asked, ‘to what extent do you regret paying for this? Was this a good decision, a bad decision? Do you regret it?’

The one category that people told us they regretted most is… drum roll please… going out!


A) It’s expensive.

B) We wake up the next day and we ask ourselves, why did we eat so much? If we drank we might also not be feeling so well.

So it’s a category that generally, people regret.

So when you ask the question, “where can I cut some of my expenses while at the same time not reducing my quality of life too much?”

Moral of the story? When it comes to spending habits, look first into going out.

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