A claim is basically a request for reimbursement you submit to your insurer for damages/losses to your place (if you’re a homeowner) or your stuff.

What’s an insurance claim?

When you buy an insurance policy, you’re buying protection for your stuff and your property (if you’re a homeowner).

In exchange for a monthly payment – “premium” in insurance speak – your insurer provides coverage for a range of bad scenarios. If any of those things happen and cause damages or losses, you can ask your insurer for reimbursement. This request is know as a “claim.”

Typically, an insurance adjuster will handle your request and help determine how much you’ll be reimbursed for.

How to file an insurance claim

Something bad just happened. But yay, you have insurance! What’s next?

File a claim! Just remember, the more info and documentation you can provide to your insurer, the better.

When it comes time to filing a claim, make sure to have the following handy:

  1. Pictures/video of the damaged thing(s) along with make and model
  2. Receipts for the damaged items (if you don’t have that, try and provide them with proof of ownership)
  3. Receipts for any out-of-pocket expenses you racked up as a result of the losses or damages
  4. A police report in the event of a robbery or theft

Once you have all of the documents, records, etc., go ahead and file a claim with your insurer online (or through their app if they have one). They’ll let you know if any additional info is needed.

How long does an insurance claim take?

It’s hard to say how long it’ll take for a claim to be resolved. It usually depends on the type of claim you file: Stolen phones are relatively straightforward, whereas burst pipes and serious structural damages to your home are a bit more complex.

Most sources say that claims can take between a few weeks… and a year! Eek.

Luckily, there are state-level regulations in place that dictate how long an insurer can wait to get back to you once you file a claim. In California, for example, insurance companies have 40 days to accept or deny claims, while in North Carolina, insurers have 30 full days simply to acknowledge that they received your claim.

Claims at Lemonade

At Lemonade, users file claims quickly and hassle-free through our app.

If the claim is quick and straightforward, our AI can approve it in as little as 3 seconds. If it’s a little more complex, our AI will pass it on to a team of (human) specialists.