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When you have more than one insurance policy through the same insurer, it’s known as “bundling.” This can be a convenient and affordable way to protect the things you care about.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of insurance bundles, what to consider when researching available bundles, and some other frequently asked questions.

What is insurance bundling, and how does it work?

An “insurance bundle” is simply a package of policies that you buy from the same insurance provider. 

The concept behind insurance bundling is similar to buying in bulk: By getting more products from the same company, you typically enjoy a lower overall cost. This practice is known as a “multi-policy discount” or “bundling discount.”

For instance, a common insurance bundle combines renters and auto insurance. Instead of getting renters insurance from Company A and auto insurance from Company B, you purchase both from Company A. 

By doing so, you not only streamline your insurance experience (one company, one point of contact), but also potentially gain substantial savings.

How bundling works varies between insurance companies. Some might require that all the policies within the bundle come into effect simultaneously, while others allow staggered start dates. 

Why should you bundle insurance policies?

Bundle car and renters insurance

Let’s delve into the key benefits of bundling insurance policies:

  1. Insurance cost savings: Bundling could come with a significant discount, reducing your overall insurance expenditure. 
  2. Simplified management: Bundling insurance policies can streamline the management process, and eliminate hassle. With all your policies from one provider, you have one point of contact for claims or questions, and less paperwork overall (or no paperwork, if your insurer is digital).
  3. Coverage that’s tailored to your needs: Bundling allows for easier customization of policies to cover the things you care about. A provider familiar with your entire insurance portfolio is better positioned to advise on potential blind spots in your coverage.

Also, bundling car and renters insurance makes a lot of sense if you’re looking to fully protect your stuff. 

Picture this: A thief smashes the side window of your car while it’s parked in a parking garage overnight and steals your laptop that’s in the backseat. Including comprehensive car insurance coverage on your car insurance policy will likely have your back for the property damage to your vehicle that the thief caused—but it won’t cover the valuables inside your car, like your laptop, which could be covered by renters insurance

If you bundle your renters and car insurance policies through the same insurer, you could also file all those claims in one place.

How do I pick the best insurance provider for my bundling needs?

When you’re bundling insurance policies, choosing an insurer that’s the right fit involves a few key considerations:

  1. Assess your needs: What kind of policies do you need? Renters, car, life, pet, or others? How complex are these needs? The more policies you require, the more likely you could benefit from a bundle.
  2. Compare quotes: Check the for the best prices for the insurance policies you need, including the additional insurance discounts offered. When building quotes, make sure to include the same coverages for each one.
  3. Evaluate customer service and experience: Look at the insurer’s reputation via online or app store reviews and ratings. Dealing with one provider for all your insurance needs is only a great idea if that insurer is also great. 
  4. Check coverage quality: Ensure the coverage options offered in the bundle meets your needs and doesn’t leave out key areas. Sometimes, insurers may cut corners in bundles to offer lower premiums.

What bundling does Lemonade offer?

Lemonade offers car, renters, homeowners, pet, and life insurance. When you bundle any combination of our policies together you’ll be eligible for savings on all of those policies. (With the exception of the life insurance policy, but you’d still be eligible for a discount on your renters policy if you bundle life and renters.)  

In addition to the obvious savings, you gain the convenience of accessing all your policies—and filing all claims—through a single, easy-to-use app. 

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What are additional ways to save money on insurance?

Besides bundling, here are a few ways to lower your insurance premiums and earn discounts.

  • Consider lowering your coverage limits—keep in mind though, this could leave you with insufficient coverage if disaster strikes.
  • Increase your deductible, aka the amount of money you’d be responsible for paying out-of-pocket in the event of a claim. This may save you on your monthly premiums, but you may also end up paying more later.
  • Adding security devices in your home, like a fire or burglar alarm, can also unlock savings and discounts.
  • You could be rewarded with savings for safe and low-mileage driving habits.
bundle car and renters insurance

FAQs about insurance bundling

Can I bundle different types of insurance from different insurance companies?

While you can hold policies from different companies, “bundling” refers to having multiple policies from the same provider. To get the associated discounts, your policies typically need to be from the same company.

Can I add a policy to my bundle after I've already purchased it?

Generally, yes. Most insurance companies will let you add policies to your existing bundle, and you should still receive a discount for the additional policy.

At Lemonade you can seamlessly add a new policy at any time on our app, and the bundle discount will be automatically applied to all of your active policies.

If I have to make a claim on one policy in my bundle, will it impact the premium of another?

The impact on your bundle depends on your insurance company’s policies. Some might increase your insurance rates for all policies in the bundle, while others might only increase the rate of the policy with the claim.

Can I cancel one policy in a bundle without affecting the others?

Yes, you can usually cancel one policy without affecting the others. However, this could lead to a reduction or loss of your bundling discount.

Is bundling the same with every insurance company?

No, the specifics of bundling — including the available discounts, the policies you can bundle, and the rules around claims and cancellations — can vary significantly between insurance companies. Always check the specific terms with your provider.

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