Bundling Homeowners and Car Insurance

Unlock savings and convenience.

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Combining a car and homeowners policy is convenient, and can earn discounts.

When you bundle your home and car insurance, you’re essentially buying a combo of policies from the same insurer.

This can be simpler all around—and is also a way to unlock extra discounts and savings you could be eligible for. 

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

What is insurance bundling and how does it work?

Bundling home and car insurance is a convenient way to earn discounts.

A “bundle” is a combination of policies—like homeowners, car, pet, or life— that you buy from the same insurer.

The logic behind insurance bundling is similar to the concept of buying in bulk: The more you purchase from a single company, the better the overall price you could receive. This is often referred to as a “multi-policy discount” or a “bundle discount.”

A common combo is homeowners and car insurance. Rather than getting your homeowners insurance from Company X and your car insurance from Company Y, you choose to buy both policies from Company X.

By doing this, you not only simplify your insurance dealings (one company to contact), but you could also reap financial benefits.

Why should I opt for bundling insurance for my home and car policies?

Some of the main advantages of bundling insurance policies for your home and car, which include:

  • Savings: Bundling may lead to significant discounts, lowering your overall insurance expenses.
  • Simplicity: Bundling insurance policies can eliminate hassle. With a digital insurer like Lemonade, this means you’d be able to file claims for multiple policies, all through one app.
  • Coverage that’s tailored to your needs: Bundling enables easier customization of policies to guard the things you value. An insurer who knows the entire insurance portfolio can give better advice about any coverage blind spots.

How can bundling actually help you?

Well, imagine this scenario: A burglar breaks into your home’s garage and steals your car. 

If you have comprehensive car insurance coverage in your car insurance policy, it will likely cover the stolen vehicle if it can’t be recovered. Meanwhile, any damage to your garage or home (like a smashed window or broken door) could be covered by homeowners insurance.

If you bundle your homeowners and car insurance policies through the same insurer, you could file all those related claims in one place.

How do I pick the best insurer to bundle my home and car insurance?

When you’re bundling insurance policies, choosing an insurer that’s the right fit involves a few key considerations:

  • Evaluate your needs: Which types of policies do you need? Homeowners, car, life, pet? How complex are these needs? The more policies you require, the greater the potential benefits from bundling.
  • Compare insurance quotes: Verify the best prices for the insurance policies you need, including the additional bundle discounts offered. Make sure you include the same coverages in each quote for accurate comparisons.
  • Read customer satisfaction reviews: Check the insurer’s reputation via online reviews and app store ratings. Bundling all your insurance needs with one provider is a winning idea if the insurer’s services are top-notch.
  • Examine coverage quality: Make sure that the coverage options offered in the bundle align with your needs and don’t overlook key areas. Sometimes, insurers may cut corners in bundles to provide lower premiums.

What bundling does Lemonade offer?

Lemonade offers renters, homeowners, car, pet, and life insurance, and bundling any combination of our insurance products together will unlock savings on all of those policies.

Life insurance is one exception—if you bundle renters and life, for instance, you’ll only receive a discount on the renters policy.

In addition to the obvious savings, you gain the convenience of accessing all your policies (and filing all claims) through a single, easy-to-use mobile app. 

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How else can I save money on insurance?

In addition to bundling, here are a few ways to reduce your insurance premiums and secure discounts:

  • Consider reducing your coverage limits—but don’t forget that this could leave you under-insured if a disaster occurs.
  • Increase your deductible, or the amount you’d be responsible for paying out-of-pocket in the event of a claim. This may reduce your monthly premiums, but would increase your out-of-pocket costs later on a future claim.
  • Install security devices in your home, such as fire or burglar alarms, which can lead to savings and discounts.
  • Maintain safe and low-mileage driving habits to earn potential savings on your car insurance.

FAQs about bundling insurance

Can I add a policy to my bundle after I've already purchased it?

Generally, yes. Most insurance companies, including Lemonade, will let you add policies to your existing bundle, and you should still receive a discount for the additional policy.

What happens to my bundle if I have to make a claim on one policy?

The impact on your bundle depends on your insurance company’s policies. Some might increase your insurance rates for all policies in the bundle, while others might only increase the rate of the policy with the claim. At Lemonade, we wouldn’t penalize you by increasing your rates on other policies.

Can I cancel one policy in a bundle without affecting the others?

Yes, you can typically cancel one policy without affecting or having to cancel the others. However, this would probably lead to the loss of your bundling discount.

Is bundling home and car insurance the same with every insurance company?

No, the specifics of bundling—including the available discounts, the policies you can bundle, and the rules around claims and cancellations—can vary significantly between insurance companies. Always check the specific terms with your provider.

The details of how bundling operates varies between insurance companies. Some might require that all of the policies in the bundle be activated at the same time, while others permit staggered start dates.


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