Decor To Live For: What’s Trending in Interior Design

Staying in? Refresh your digs with these interior design trends.

Team LemonadeTeam Lemonade

The past year we’ve been living at home, working from home—doing just about everything… at home. And since we’re spending basically all of our time there, it makes sense that many people are rethinking their home’s decor and looking to make a change, from minor makeovers to full-blown rental apartment renovations.

But social media means you can dream about an interior design makeover without having to spend a penny (or lift a paintbrush). Sites like Pinterest offer endless scrolling through dreamy boudoirs and ultra-modern living rooms, an escapism that’s both satisfying and addictive. 

We’ve spent hours virtually exploring beautiful spaces in order to share some of the Pinterest interior design trends that tickled our fancy — we’ve even got very own Pinterest account.

Sculptural furniture

Design gurus are lusting after curvy sofas, also sometimes called ‘crescent sofas.’ They make a statement without being too over-the-top (though if you’re looking to go way over-the-top, Gaetano Pesce is your guy). But the curvaceous fun doesn’t end with sofas… Sarah Sherman Samuel serves us some incredible inspiration, playing with fun, curvy chairs and mirrors.

Return to Retro

While nostalgia is always in, we’ve noticed a real yearning for the yesteryear. The Pinterest account E.Interiors will give you major design vibes, mixing effortlessly cool retro with modern, clean lines. If you’re really craving a major retro revolution, check out Robin, aka AtomicDoe, who has a serious collection of retro interiors. Get ready to be inspired by mint-green 1950s kitchens and Pepto-Bismol-pink lounge chairs.

Green Scene

Plants have the power to really transform a space (which might be why Pinterest’s #houseplants hashtag gives you over 2 million inspirations). But where cactus plants used to be all the rage, hanging plants is the biggest trend.  Follow Clever Bloom for some house plant inspiration and some DIY tips and tricks. ROTDcreations is all about what you can achieve with the right mix of hardy, colorful succulents. Or if you’re looking for something ultra-minimalist and elegant, take a deep dive into ikebana, the world of Japanese floral arrangement. You only need a few plants to create a modern bohemian vibe.

Desert Vibes

Wanderlusting after some truly spectacular desert designs? If you want to be inspired, follow Arizona-based fashion influencer Noelle Mardo, aka Noelle Fox. Her design aesthetic is uniquely Arizonian with a love of plants and ochre-colored furniture (plus a dash of hip tattoo art). Sabon Home has a truly inspiring board called Desert Boho Home filled with gorgeous desert colors and shapes that’ll transport you to a tranquil and relaxing space.

Clash it up 

They say you shouldn’t mix wildly different patterns but sometimes it just works, and is an easy way to bring some serious quirk to your living space. Start with a bunch of eye-popping pillows, then add a super colorful rug, or dramatic curtains. For inspo, look no further than Dusen Dusen, a small business in Brooklyn that’s your one-stop shop when it comes to checks, stripes, and patterns galore. Dimples and Tangles  does an incredible job scrambling together patterns which work so well together. Go forth and clash!


This increasingly popular trend is a nod to the English countryside, rejecting modern culture and embracing, ya know… ye olde fashioned. Mix rustic wooden furniture, tons of potted plants, vintage decor, and a foraging basket or two. Cottagecore goes against the minimalist trend, so the more clutter the better. Follow Simply Cottage Obsessed on Pinterest for some real cottage vibes, or self-described “cottagecore wannabe” Rachel Murray.

Want more?

Times are changing, and so are our homes. Over the past year we’ve all been thinking about how we want to fill our spaces—functional, homey, serene, or funky. Where we live is a personal expression of who we are, which is why exploring a stranger’s home design flair online can be such a voyeuristic thrill. If you love browsing for the latest interior design trends, then come and join us on our newly minted Lemonade Pinterest account, where we continue to nerd out over gorgeous interiors, among many other things.



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