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Location services are the main permissions you need to enable on your phone to let third-party apps use your location to provide extra services.

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location services

Location services are the main permissions you need to enable on your phone to let third-party apps use your location to provide extra services. This is how you unlock the big benefits of driving with the Lemonade Car app.

What are location services?

Location services are apps or onboard systems that connect to wi-fi or other communications networks to track your current location. You might be familiar with “find my iPhone,” or other similar services on an Android device, which would require having location services enabled. Ditto for apps that help you get from point A to point B, like Waze or Google maps. 

Location services data is used by insurance companies and emergency service dispatchers to send help. Location services use wi-fi networks, Bluetooth, global positioning systems, and cell towers to pinpoint your specific location through your mobile device.


Why does my insurer need this info?

Insurers collect and use your location information, among other bits of data, to determine eligibility for safe driver discounts, or to send out roadside assistance as part of a telematics system. If you get a flat tire on the side of the road and only know your approximate location (“I’m somewhere on Route 22 by a big grocery store”) these aren’t the best directions. With location tracking enabled, your insurer can use your precise location to send help.

How do location services work?

Most location services require that you have a mobile device with location tracking enabled. Location services track your device’s location by connecting to the wi-fi network or nearby cell towers. They use a global positioning system, or a GPS, to track your location. 

How do I enable location services?

If you have car insurance from Lemonade, download our app! The first time you log in, the app will ask you to enable location permissions or location access. With those permissions toggled on, you’ll get a bunch of perks, including:

  • Fair pricing on premiums based on your driving
  • Emergency services included at no additional cost
  • Savings based on good driving
  • Faster claims resolution

Are there any downsides to location tracking apps?

Not too long ago phone batteries were draining as a result of having location settings enabled and constantly searching for a cell tower or wi-fi signal. Drained battery life is less of a concern today because cell phone manufacturers anticipate the ways users need their phones and build them to support enabled location tracking. 

Some drivers have privacy concerns, which is understandable. 

But the reality is that insurers must follow strict data privacy laws and insurance regulations. Their goal with location services is to protect their customers, help out during an accident, and have a faster claims resolution process. Lemonade never, ever sells our customer’s data though we may share it with service providers. 

Read our Privacy Pledge to learn more. 

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