Pet Injury Coverage for Car Insurance

Pet injury coverage helps pay the veterinary bills or costs of memorial in the event that your pet is hurt or killed while riding with you in a car accident.

Injuries from car accidents

If a dog or cat member of your fur fam is injured or killed in a car accident, parts of a Lemonade Car policy can cover associated costs. If you have collision coverage and comprehensive coverage as part of your car insurance policy, you may be covered for the costs to treat injuries your pet sustained from a car accident. 

This could include things like treatment and medication following an injury, or costs associated with memorializing your pet in the event they don’t survive the accident. We hope you never have to use this coverage, but if you do we’ll have your back.

BTW, next to car insurance, Lemonade also offers pet health insurance that’s designed to help keep your pet healthy, and you can bundle it with your car or home policy! You can learn more about it here.

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