Reforestation involves replanting trees in an area that was previously forested. Learn how Lemonade plants trees as you drive.

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Reforestation involves replanting trees in an area that was previously forested. 

What is reforestation?

Over the past 20 years, the world has lost nearly 178 million hectares of forest cover. From wildfires to forestry, industrial production, or the clearing of land for food production, deforestation is accelerating climate change. 

It’s no secret that deforestation has a negative impact on our planet. When trees are cut down, they release carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and radiate it back to Earth. Increased carbon emissions = a warmer planet = a higher likelihood that the future will be a pretty bleak place. Reforestation is one piece to solving the climate crisis. 

Reforestation efforts also help local communities, providing them with jobs and clean water. Trees act as a natural filtration system, absorbing and releasing water, and forest cover has been directly linked to drinking water treatment costs. The higher the number of trees in a source water watershed, the lower the water treatment costs.  

How does reforestation impact emissions?

Not only does reforestation support local communities and wildlife, it can also help offset our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Because trees are natural carbon absorbers, they can help to clean the air. According to One Tree Planted, one mature tree can absorb up to 22lbs per year. So, the more trees we are able to plant, the more greenhouse emissions can be lowered. The U.S. forest service joined the global goal to plant 1 trillion trees by 2030 in part to help combat global warming.

How Does Lemonade Support Reforestation?

Lemonade offers electric vehicle and hybrid car insurance with special discounts, an added incentive for drivers to switch to environment-friendly options. 

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And Lemonade Car has also made a pledge to plant new trees to offset the carbon emissions of all of your policyholders. When you drive with the Lemonade app, it tracks your mileage, letting us know how many trees we’ll need to plant in order to lessen your car’s impact on the environment. This is a collaboration with the exciting nonprofit One Tree Planted.

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