Other Structures Coverage

Other Structures coverage is part of your homeowners insurance, and it protects things in your yard not created by mother nature—like your driveway, fence, shed, detached garage, tree house, and so on.


What is other structures coverage?

If structures in your yard are damaged, your other structures coverage (or ‘coverage B’ in insurance lingo) can pay for the repairs. This can include your:

  • Fence
  • Home swimming pool
  • Gazebo
  • Detached garage

And what types of damages are these structures covered for? The same perils as your home! So if your dwelling coverage (insurance lingo for coverage for your home’s structure) says you’re covered for risks like theft, fire, and vandalism, your other structures will most likely be covered too.

How much other structures coverage do I need?

You’ll notice your other structures coverage is always 10% of your dwelling coverage limit. For instance, if you’ve got $500,000 worth of coverage on your home, you might have $50,000 on your fence and other structures.

What if you don’t have any ‘other structures’?

Unfortunately, even if you don’t have any additional or other structures on your property, you might not be able to remove this part of your coverage from your home insurance policy.



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