Insurance Renewal

An insurance renewal is the continuation of your renters or homeowners insurance policy for one more year.

How do I renew my insurance policy?

Renewing your insurance policy is easy, because it’s typically done automatically.

Why? Think of it this way: When you have a Netflix account, Netflix automatically ‘renews’ your subscription every month, until you decide to cancel. Insurance works in a similar way, but there are some differences: 

1. Your insurance company must tell you they’re renewing your subscription (thanks to regulations)

2. Your price might change when your policy renews

When will my insurance policy be renewed?

Typically, your insurer will renew your policy one year after your policy started (aka, your effective date). So if your home insurance policy went into effect on November 1st, 2022, it will automatically renew on November 1st, 2023.

If you didn’t mark that date on your calendar, no worries! Your insurance company will let you know about your insurance renewal well in advance, and will also send you a refreshed declarations page and proof of insurance in case you need it. 

If you have renters insurance, your insurer must let you know at least 10 days before your renewal, and if you have homeowners insurance, they’ll let you know at least 60 days beforehand. Most will inform you via snail mail – but here at Lemonade, we’ll send you a quick email.

Will my price change when my insurance renews?

Your premium might increase or decrease when your insurance policy renews, or it might not.

Your price can change for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples:

1. If you filed a claim in the last year, your policy price might increase

2. If you’ve been with your insurer for more than 2 years, your price might decrease thanks to loyalty credit

3. If you’re a homeowner, your price might increase since your home has aged (aka, the Age of Home and Renovation Age discounts decrease)

What happens if I don’t renew my insurance?

To state the obvious, if you don’t renew your insurance, your home and stuff will no longer be covered. Plus, your insurance company will also let anyone listed as an interested party know that your policy was not renewed.

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