The costs of car insurance

Do you really know what’s under the hood of your policy’s price? Here’s what you might be missing…

How to Lower Car Insurance Rates and Premiums

Get covered without breaking the bank with Lemonade.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in 2024?

Let’s dig into the factors that impact car insurance rates.

Insurance for Leased VS Financed Cars, Explained

We’ll break down the main differences you should know

What’s the Best Car Insurance to Cover My Teen Driver?

How can I keep them safe behind the wheel without braking the bank?

How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes, A Complete Guide

Build and compare car insurance quotes with confidence.

What’s the Best Car Insurance for Low-Mileage Drivers?

Let's take a look under the hood at how the number of miles you drive could help you save on your car insurance policy.

The Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Spoiler alert: That Tesla Model X will cost more than a Honda Civic.

Debunking the Myth: Are Red Cars More Expensive to Insure?

And am I more likely to get pulled over if I'm driving one?

Safety Score

Let's dive into some of the driving behaviors that go into calculating your Safety Score.

Car Depreciation

Your ride begins losing value the second you purchase it. This loss of value is what we call ‘depreciation.’ But not all cars depreciate equally.

Car Insurance Premium

Premiums are the payments you make to your insurer for your car insurance policy.

Hidden Fees

Some insurers took hidden fees into your policy. That's not how we roll at Lemonade Car.


A lienholder is the bank or lender that hooks you up with a loan to help you buy your car.

Bumper Repair, Explained

Someone bumped your bumper? Here's what you need to know.

How Does Lemonade Car Price Policies?

And what the heck is a Safety Score?

Why Are My Car Insurance Premiums Going Up?

A closer look at what’s driving rate increases.

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