Should I Name My Car?

A semi-comprehensive investigation.

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It's up to you whether or not to give your car a name.

After you’ve jumped through the hoops of buying a car, and getting the best insurance possible, you’re left with one burning question: Should you name your car?

There’s no simple answer. What some might consider a quirky touch, others might view as a sign of eccentricity (or worse). At Lemonade, we’re generally in favor of car naming, with colleagues who have named their rides things like Toothless, Clementine, and Coconut.

But this is a judgment-free zone, and we’re here to help you weigh this important decision.

Some reasons in favor of naming your car

On the fence about whether to call your new ride “Shirley,” or simply refer to her as “that 2020 Toyota Camry”? Consider these factors in favor of a creative name.

🫂 Fosters a personal connection

Assigning a name to your vehicle might enhance your emotional bond with it, promoting a sense of companionship and reducing feelings of loneliness during solitary drives.

🔧 Underscores importance of care & maintenance

Formulating a serious personal bond with your car, through naming, could potentially encourage better maintenance and upkeep, as you begin to view it more as a loyal companion rather than a mere (!) mechanical object.

😁 Boosts morale!

Your daily commute probably sucks. Giving your car a name—since he/she/they is responsible for getting you to and from work—can add a welcome dash of whimsy to the whole ordeal.

📖 Improves anecdotal potentials

Sure, you can tell your friend that “the craziest thing happened last weekend to my 2020 Subaru Impreza.” But there’s a whole lot more dramatic potential if you’re able to say “you won’t believe what Harmony Moonshine did on the way to Atlantic City last Friday.”

🛑 Increases safety awareness

By attributing human-like qualities to your ride, you might find yourself driving more safely and responsibility. After all, if your car is a sentient entity that deserves protection and care, you’re less likely to ram it into the curb, or tail gate that annoying dude on the highway.

Some reasons not to name your car

🚘 Excess anthropomorphism 

The process of attributing human characteristics to a non-human entity could potentially escalate to unhealthy levels, blurring the lines between reality and imagination and fostering irrational behaviors or expectations.

😒 Attracts social judgment

Depending on one’s social circle, naming a car might sometimes be perceived as quirky or immature, potentially influencing how others view and judge your personality.

💔 Spurs anxiety, aka “getting the feels”

In instances where the car faces mechanical issues or gets involved in an accident, the emotional toll could be heightened due to the personalized relationship formed through naming. It’s one thing to accept that your Toyota Camry is a “total loss,” but perhaps harder to say that “Snickerdoodle” is heading to the impound lot.

5 things to consider before naming your car

If you’ve decided that yes, it’s totally fine to name your car, here are 5 things to keep in mind as you brainstorm the perfect moniker.

Personal resonance

Choose a name that resonates with you personally, perhaps drawing from your interests, favorite car-related films, hobbies, pop culture obsessions. For instance, one member of Lemonade’s creative team named their ride Tina, after a character on Bob’s Burgers.

Easy pronunciation

Opt for a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. This will facilitate smoother conversations with others and prevent any unnecessary tongue twisters when referencing your car.


While it’s tempting to choose a name that’s cheeky or fun, avoid any terms that might be considered offensive. You’re a grown-up, after all. (SEE ALSO: bumper stickers you never want to consider.)

Flexible and adaptable

As you and your car journey through life, it’s helpful if the name can adapt and evolve as well. Choosing a name that remains suitable and enjoyable over time, potentially even becoming an endearing term, is a smart strategy.

Creative “algorithms”

Stumped for a unique name? Consider some simple algorithms to generate options—like the street you grew up on, plus the last meal you ate before purchasing your car. Foothill Salad, let’s hit the road!

What’s the name of a great car insurance company?

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