Lemonade Car Roadside Assistance

With Lemonade Car's roadside assistance services, we're with you every step of the way. We'll break down—no pun intended—how it all works

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That dreaded red light pops up on your dashboard. Your heart sinks, and soon you’re pulled over on the side of the road with smoke billowing out from under your car’s hood. 

When your car breaks down, it could leave you stranded in the worst possible situation. You want to get help—and back on your way as soon as possible—which is why many insurers now offer roadside assistance with their car insurance policies. 

As part of the Lemonade Car family that drives with our app, you are eligible for roadside assistance free of charge if you’ve chosen comprehensive and collision coverage! We’ll send help when you need it. 💪

Here’s what you can expect if your battery dies on a deserted country road, or if your engine says adios on the way to Alabama.

What is Roadside Assistance?

When your car breaks down, roadside assistance sends help. An authorized provider will dispatch a tow truck, a service vehicle to jump a dead battery, or someone to change a tire—whatever you need to either get on the road again, or have your ride sent to a garage for repairs. 

Where is Roadside Assistance available?

Lemonade’s Roadside Assistance is available anywhere in the United States or Canada, as well as in any U.S. territory. While we love our neighbors to the south, Roadside Assistance is not available in Mexico.

What Does Roadside Assistance Include?

Car insurance companies offer different options for roadside assistance, though most include the basics, like towing and a jump start. Here’s everything you get with Lemonade’s car insurance coverage.


If your car breaks down or can’t be driven, we’ll arrange to tow your car to the destination of your choice, up to 15 miles from the car’s location (or to the nearest repair shop). 

Towing after an accident, including towing from the accident scene or secondary tows, might be covered separately by your comprehensive or collision coverage.

Jump starts and electric vehicle charging

Dead battery? It happens, especially during the winter. If you’re out of juice, we’ll send someone to your car’s location to jump start a dead battery, or set up a tow to bring you to an EV charging station. (Keep in mind that these services won’t include the cost of the battery charge.)


It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on how full your tank is. But we’ve all been there before. If you run out of gas, we’ll deliver up to 2 gallons of standard car fuel (gas or diesel) to help you get back on your way. Unfortunately, we can’t deliver hydrogen or biodiesel.

Tire changes

As long as you’ve got a fully inflated spare tire in the trunk, we can send someone to change your flat tire. This service won’t include the repair or replacement of your tires.

Lockout services

Did your kid lock the keys in the trunk? Did you lose your keys or fob, or did they get stolen?  If you’re shut out of your car, we’ll send someone to unlock the doors. This doesn’t include the repair or replacement of keys, fobs, or locks themselves.


We’ll have someone come remove your car if it’s near a paved surface but stuck in mud, grass, ice, or snow. If your car is damaged and can’t be driven once it’s removed, that damage might be covered separately by your comprehensive or collision coverage.

What’s not Included in Roadside Assistance

All insurance policies have exclusions, aka things they won’t cover. Lemonade’s roadside assistance doesn’t include the following services. 


Roadside assistance services only include towing and associated labor costs from the location where your car stopped working. It’s not designed to permanently fix your car. Roadside assistance doesn’t cover the cost of repairs, or any labor performed at a service station, garage, or repair shop.

Cost of parts

The cost of purchasing parts, fluid, lubricants, or replacement keys, or the labor to install parts or make replacement keys, are not included.

Services from other providers

We can’t reimburse roadside assistance provided by anyone other than the providers in our network. That said, we’re proud of our partners, and we’ve spent a lot of time choosing the best. 

How Do I Get Roadside Assistance?

We’ve made it easy for you to contact us and get help. If you have an active Lemonade car policy and have downloaded our app, make sure you have permission and location services enabled. Then we can use our location-based technology to find you and send in the cavalry.

If you disable the necessary permissions in the Lemonade app you won’t have access to these services, and will need to handle any roadside services at your own cost.

Those who drive with the Lemonade app enabled are eligible for up to 3 services, without charge, for each car listed on a Lemonade Car policy during a 6-month term. After that, you can still request help, but it’ll be at your own expense. 

We work with a partner, HONK Technologies, Inc., so we have access to their entire network of independent roadside assistance and towing service providers. Roadside assistance will be provided to you in accordance with the terms and conditions in effect at the time you use the services. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure to update you whenever they change and provide you with the current terms and conditions.

Wrapping up…

In short: Lemonade Car offers free roadside assistance for drivers who use the app and have comprehensive and collision coverage. With access to this service, you’ll never find yourself wandering a remote country road in the dark without a flashlight, starring in your own personal horror movie. We’ll find you and send help in no time. 

Click below to get started! 


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