Buried Utility Coverage

Buried Utility (BU) Coverage, or sometimes known as Service Line Coverage, is an endorsement available to homeowners that covers underground utility lines—like water, sewage or gas lines—as well as underground wires like electrical cable, or power lines, on your premises. 

What is Buried Utility coverage?

Buried Utility (BU) Coverage is an endorsement for homeowners insurance that covers underground utility lines. BU offers coverage up to $10,000 for damage from a leak, tear, break, or collapse caused by any of the following:

  • A mechanical breakdown 
  • Artificially generated electric current 
  • Wear and tear 
  • Freezing 
  • Weight of people, animals, or equipment 

Why might you need it?

If you’re a homeowner you’re obviously responsible for your own maintenance costs, which can rack up thousands of dollars of debt. The price to replace or repair a utility line can be financially crippling, and as homes age, so do their underground utilities. Standard homeowners insurance usually won’t cover you for broken utility lines.

What does BU not cover?

There are a few types of property excluded from BU coverage, including septic tanks, water well-related damage, fuel tanks, and others. Damage caused by earth movement, windstorm, and certain other perils is also not covered. 

How much does it cost?

BU with Lemonade costs only $3.25/month. Do keep in mind that you’d have a $500 deductible, which would be applied to each BU claim. 

Lemonade will be rolling out BU in the next couple of months in some (but not all) states, so watch this space.

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