Pet Diagnostics

Pet diagnostics refer to different kinds of tests that can provide an accurate picture of your pet’s health.

What are pet diagnostics?

Pet diagnostics are different kinds of tests that can help provide a general overview of your pet’s health or help to diagnose an illness or disease.

X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and labwork are all common diagnostic tools your vet might use to monitor things like your pet’s internal organ function or their complete blood count, or to check for broken bones or identify conditions like Lyme disease. These kinds of imaging technologies and laboratory tests will allow your vet to create a full assessment of your pet’s health

Is diagnostic testing covered by pet insurance?

Yes. A pet health insurance policy will cover the costs of diagnostics and treatments for eligible accidents and illnesses. Any diagnostics your vet recommends are worth pursuing because your pet can’t tell you what’s wrong or how they’re feeling. These tests are incredibly important because they help your vet get the most comprehensive picture of your furry family member’s health.

Some pet insurance companies might offer a wellness package that will extend coverage to additional situations, with pet diagnostics covered as part of preventative care offered to your pet. 

If you add the Preventative and Wellness package to a Lemonade pet health insurance policy you’ll be combining coverage forces!

pet diagnostics - treatments offered

You’ll be covered for your annual wellness exams, pet diagnostics like lab work, x-rays, bloodwork, urinalysis, a heartworm test, cytology, an abdominal ultrasound to help analyze your pet’s internal structures, and more.

Your vet might even be able to provide real-time results from your pet diagnostics if they have an in-house laboratory or digital x-ray equipment.

When would pet diagnostic services not be covered by pet insurance?

In order for pet diagnostics to be covered by most pet health insurance policies they’ll need to be used appropriately. If your pet isn’t sick or recovering from an accident, or if your vet doesn’t recommend the diagnostics, your pet insurer won’t cover the costs.

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