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Nationwide pet insurance vs. Lemonade Comparison

Both Lemonade and Nationwide pet insurance plans provide coverage for your furry friend’s medical expenses, but it’s important to understand the differences so you can find the perfect fit for you and your pet.

We get it, comparing pet insurance providers is complicated. Every pet insurer offers different types of plans and coverage options—making for a lot of moving parts. We’ll try to make the process smoother.   

Lemonade offers a straightforward, comprehensive policies, a seamless app experience from quote to claim, and co-insurance and coverage limits designed with pet parents’ budgets in mind.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of how Nationwide Pet Insurance stacks up to Lemonade Pet. 

Lemonade pet insuranceNationwide pet insurance
Types of animals coveredDogs and catsDogs, cats, and exotic pets—like certain birds,  reptiles, and rodents
Plans offeredOne base accident and illness policy that’s easily customizable with things like preventative care packages and add-on coveragesFour different policy types—Whole Pet, Modular, Major Medical, and Pet Wellness 
Coverage for pre-existing conditionsNoNo
Coverage for routine wellness care YesCan’t add to Whole Pet plan
Coverage for hereditary and congenital conditionsYes, as long as it’s not a pre-existing conditionLimitations for Major Medical and Modular plans
Coverage for aged-related changes to your pet’s ears or eyesYes, as long as it’s not a pre-existing conditionExcluded from Major Medical plan
Co-insurance options (aka reimbursement rate)70%, 80%, or 90% of eligible vet bills50% or 70% of eligible vet bills for Whole Pet Plan
Coverage limitsAnnual limitSome plans have maximum coverage amounts per condition
Discount for covering second petUp to 10%Up to 5%
Seamless in-app claims processYesNo
Claims processing time50% of claims handled instantlyCan take up to 30 days or more
Availability of certain features may depend on purchasing additional add-ons or Preventative Care packages with Lemonade.

Lemonade Pet simplifies your search for the perfect pet insurance plan 

Protecting your pet should be hassle free. That’s why Lemonade pet insurance designed a straightforward policy that’s easy to understand and customize. 

When you buy a Lemonade Pet policy, you start with a base accident and illness plan and build from there. You have the power to tailor your policy to fit your priorities and budget—whether it’s tweaking your deductible, annual coverage limit, or reimbursement rate. Plus, we offer three Preventative Care Packages and five add-on coverages that you can mix and match on your pet’s policy to help meet their unique needs. 

In contrast, Nationwide pet insurance offers four distinct pet insurance plans. Variety can be nice, but navigating through multiple plans—each with its own set of rules, coverage options, and complexities—could cause unnecessary confusion. 

For example, Nationwide’s Whole Pet plan—an accident and illness policy that is the most similar of its plans to a Lemonade Pet base policy—doesn’t have an option to add coverage for routine wellness care. 

Nationwide’s Whole Pet plan only offers one annual limit option. Lemonade Pet gives you the power to choose your policy’s annual limit, to help protect both your furry friend and your wallet

Lemonade lets you easily adjust your annual limit when you’re building your pet insurance policy, which could help you lower your monthly premium.

An annual limit is the maximum amount your pet insurer will pay out on claims over the course of a year, after co-insurance and your annual deductible are applied. With Lemonade Pet, you can choose an annual limit between $5,000 and $100,000. Plus, Lemonade’s Preventative Care Packages and some other policy add-ons might be subject to their own, separate limits..

This might sound like a lot of kibble, but common veterinary procedures and diagnostics like MRI’s, general surgery, or cancer treatments can cost well over $1,000 a pop. Not to mention overnight vet stays, which can set you back up to $1,700 a night or more.

On the other hand, Nationwide’s Whole Pet Plan—which is the most similar to Lemonade’s base accident and illness policy—only has a $10,000 annual limit.

Lemonade Pet gives you more control over your finances by offering a range of coverage options. Just don’t forget that opting for a higher annual limit could result in a higher premium.

Lemonade Pet, offers more and higher co-insurance options than Nationwide pet insurance, so you can get reimbursed for more of your pet’s eligible medical expenses and find a premium that feels just right  

Co-insurance is the percentage of the total cost your insurance company will reimburse you on eligible claims, after you’ve exhausted your annual deductible. 

Your optimal co-insurance depends on how much you can afford to pay if you file a claim, and how much you’re willing to pay for your insurance premiums. The higher your co-insurance percentage is, the less you pay in the event of you filing an eligible claim. But a higher co-insurance generally also means a higher premium. 

Lemonade Pet offers several co-insurance options—70%, 80%, or 90%—to help take a bite out of vet bills. Nationwide’s Whole Pet plan only offers 50% and 70% co-insurance. 

The Lemonade app revolutionizes the way you insure your pet and get reimbursed for covered claims, making the process smoother and more user-friendly than Nationwide pet insurance

Lemonade Pet elevates pet insurance through the power of AI and machine learning. The Lemonade app is designed to streamline everything from building a quote to filing a claim, turning what used to be a cumbersome process into an experience that’s quick and easy (and maybe even a little fun).

When you buy a Lemonade Pet policy—and any other Lemonade policy—you can adjust your deductible, set your annual coverage limit, and add optional coverages, all in the palm of your hand. The app’s intuitive design means you could spend less time figuring out your policy, and more time enjoying life with your furry friend.

Tech also helps Lemonade process claims at lightning speed, with roughly 50% of Lemonade Pet claims being handled instantly. 

Nationwide offers online services, but their process doesn’t leverage the same level of AI integration and mobile-first design, which could lead to more time spent on phone calls, filling out forms, and waiting for claim resolutions. Claims processing at Nationwide Pet Insurance could take up to 30 days from the time you’ve submitted all of the necessary documents. 

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Tips for comparing pet insurance plans

Finding the right pet insurance for you and your fur fam depends a lot on your priorities, whether that’s finding the most comprehensive coverage, the cheapest rates, a hassle-free digital experience, and so much more. 

Let’s swing through some of the main factors that might be important to you when choosing a pet insurance provider, and some questions to consider for each.

Coverage options

Base pet insurance plans typically cover the treatment of eligible accidents and illnesses. Check the specifics of what’s covered under a base policy, the waiting periods for certain conditions, and exclusions. Also look for how customizable the policy is and what optional coverages are offered—like preventative care, and add-ons.

Balance between cost and coverage

The scope of what’s included in the price of a base pet insurance plan can vary widely among providers, and might require a more intricate comparison. Carefully examine the premiums, deductibles, and co-insurance offered by each provider, then compare it to the range of healthcare services covered, and what you might end up needing to pay if you file a claim. 

Discounts and perks

Who doesn’t love saving some greens, or making life as a pet parent a tad simpler? Some pet insurance providers—including Lemonade—offer discounts for things like insuring multiple pets and bundling policies, as well as extra perks, like access to Chewy’s Connect with a Vet service. 

Option to bundle

Some providers only offer pet insurance plans, while others can cover all the things you care about in one place—like your stuff, your car, and your pets. For example, when you bundle more than one Lemonade policy such as renters, homeowners, car, or pet insurance, you could be eligible for a discount on each policy, on top of enjoying the ease of managing all of your policies, and filing any claims, in one place (we’re talking about the Lemonade app).

Seamless experience

From building a quote, to managing your policy, to filing a claim—remember that insurance doesn’t need to be a hassle. Some insurance companies—including Lemonade—built their platforms with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that each step is straightforward and stress-free for pet parents.

Customer reviews

Getting the inside scoop from the pet parent community about their experiences with their pet insurance provider can help you make a more informed choice. Websites like Consumer Reports, Better Business Bureau (BBB), NerdWallet are reputable sources for customer reviews and rankings of pet insurance companies. (Did we mention that the Lemonade app has a 4.9 star rating on the App Store?)

Social impact

Choosing a pet insurance that vibes with your values is the cherry on top of an awesome policy sundae. Some providers support causes you care about such as animal rescue shelters and animal rights organizations—like the Lemonade Giveback, which helps support organizations like SPCA International and The Humane Society.

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