Pet Insurance and Your Skateboarding Dog (or Cat)

What happens if Fido loves to grind & cruise?

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“A lot of negative s*** can be said about dog breeding and what we’ve done to the majestic wolf over the centuries,” a smart man recently wrote, “but the fact that English Bulldogs are born with what seems to be an inherent desire to skateboard is nothing short of beautiful.”

Now, this ability certainly isn’t limited to any specific breed—though the Bulldog’s chunky body and assertive stance is a good match for a typical skate deck. The internet is bursting with inspiring footage of these dogs cruising over concrete and pavement, grinning ear-to-ear as they whizz through the streets. 

If you’re having a bad day, we suggest spending at least half an hour boosting your serotonin by watching some of the clips we’ve assembled down below.

But first, a brief education. 

Is skateboarding bad for my dog?

Four wheels, no rules, no fear.

Let’s be real: Skateboarding is dangerous. Just ask any 40-something ex-hipster dad who decided to “give it a try again” during the pandemic. 

And skating can be dangerous for your pup, too, even if they’re not dropping in to a 20-foot pipe and shnarzing totally grandie grind-boinks like a total #CurbBoss. (Full disclosure: We made most of that up.) 

Any physical activities from a hobby like skateboarding come with the risk of orthopedic injuries, cruciate ligament damage,  broken bones, tendon strains, and cuts or injuries from falls. 

Also keep in mind that if there are other dogs in the area, your skateboarding pup might disrupt, confuse, or irritate them. That could lead to a brawl, which could also come with its own injuries.

Will pet health insurance cover skateboarding-related medical expenses for my dog?

The million dollar question! The short answer is: Yes, dog insurance will cover these injuries. 

The one exception is if your dog’s main role in your life is to earn money from skateboarding antics, to the degree that you—as the dog’s owner or caretaker—derive your primary source of income from your pup’s talents. This likely won’t apply to many pet parents; the distinction more often applies to professional dogs who do stuff like race on a track, guard a business, or sniff for bombs.

A basic Lemonade Pet policy will have your dog’s back in the event of many skating-related procedures and diagnostic tests, including surgeries, hospital stays, treatment of broken bones, and X-rays to diagnose problems. This doesn’t mean you’ll be off the hook entirely when it comes to out-of-pocket expenses, since your deductible and co-insurance come into play, as well as any pre-existing conditions—read this guide to school yourself on the basics of pet health insurance.

It’s also important to keep waiting periods in mind, which vary by state.

If you’ve just signed your Thrasher-loving pup up for Lemonade Pet, you might want to pause their skate schedule until these waiting periods are up. Let’s say your recently insured doggo tears a cruciate ligament while careening down a short flight of stairs—if your waiting period hasn’t ended, this claim would not yet be eligible.

And now…let’s roll!

Thanks for reading a bit about how Lemonade Pet can protect your skateboarding dog (or at least, you know, politely scanning what’s above on your way to these adorable videos). You can click below to get a quick & easy insurance quote for your furry friend—cats are covered, too, even if they generally only skateboard in cartoon form.

And now, without further ado, here’s some of our favorite footage of adventurous canines braving the concrete jungle. Remember: Skateboarding isn’t for every dog, and you should consult your vet before allowing your pet to hit the deck.


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