The 13 Best Music Videos Starring Dogs and Cats

A barking good way to waste an afternoon.

Team LemonadeTeam Lemonade

It’s a mad, mad world, and sometimes you just want to kick back and watch some adorable dogs and cats rocking out.

Stop doomscrolling between news sites for a minute. Take a deeeeeep breath, and let this creative cuteness wash over you. If you’re a pet parent yourself, curl up with your fur fam and let them watch, too.

Meanwhile, enjoy these adorable music videos that put cats and dogs front-and-center!

sElf, “Runaway”

sElf’s 2014 video for their paw-tapping powerpop jam “Runaway” is what we’d imagine Keyboard Cat could’ve been with a bigger budget. If you ever thought to yourself, ‘Man, I’d really like to watch 3 minutes of cats subtly dancing, playing synthesizers, and driving cars,’ we’d like to hang out with you, because we have those oddly specific thoughts all the time.

OK Go, “White Knuckles”

OK Go are known for their mind-bogglingly complicated music videos. Here, over the span of a single, continuous three-and-a-half-minute shot, the band creates a shifting obstacle course made for 12 dogs (and a goat).

What’s more, the last frame points out that all of the dogs included in the video were rescues. (Awwww!). They also include a link where fans could find out more about the dogs, plus info on how to donate to the ASPCA.

J. Cole, “Wet Dreamz”

While the song itself is a somewhat raunchy recap of a young man’s first–ahem–romantic experience, the video is an adorable retelling of the interaction, through the eyes of two puppies. The video is essentially just 4 minutes of two frisky little pups falling in love. Name something cuter. We’ll wait.

The Chemical Brothers, “We’ve Got to Try”

This video brings to life what we imagine our dogs are dreaming about while they whimper and twitch in their sleep. 

It’s a classic rags-to-riches tale, starring a dog named Girl who makes it off the streets and into the seat of a Formula 1 race car that eventually flies through space. A tale as old as time!

Of Montreal, “Polyaneurism”

In this video’s alternate reality, dogs are creative powerhouses, making art and sharing it on Instagram. Try to catch all of the nerdy Easter eggs dotted throughout—like the reference to canine bluechip gallery ‘Schnauzer & Wirth,’ or the faux-Ed Ruscha painting that says ‘WOOF.’

PUP, “Sleep in the Heat”

This video, which stars Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard, shows the band taking in a stray dog while on tour and subsequently being forced to make some heartbreaking decisions when the dog falls ill. The video is beautiful and sweet, and the song is awesome, but if it’s not already obvious… you will cry.

Mitch, “I’m a Dog”

Producer and singer-songwriter Mitch and rapper YG chill in and around an enormous mansion with a bunch of party-ready canines. That’s it…but what else do you need?

Between the cute dogs and the insanely vibrant color scheme, this is the perfect palate cleanser if you’re still weeping profusely after watching that PUP video. (Even if you are working from home—get it together!)

Vitalic, “Poney Part 1”

Imagine that it’s the Before Times, and you’re dancing at a packed Berlin nightclub, the sort that only opens at 1 a.m. For some reason, everything seems to be moving in dreamy slow motion…like that parade of purebred dogs leaping up and down in front of neon laser beams, their tongues flapping. You’re a little scared, but mostly intrigued. You turn to your friend, but your friend has turned into a dog. By dawn, you too will be a dog. It’s just going to be one of those nights.

Best Coast, “Crazy for You”

Best Coast is filming a performance for network television, and things are hectic—not in the least because the director is a cat. (Unsurprisingly, felines can be annoying perfectionists.) It’s not long before someone breaks out that sweet, dank cat nip, prompting one fed-up kitty member of the production team to text a friend: “GR8. THE CREW R HIGH. #FML.”

Touché Amoré, “Reminders”

This tough-but-sensitive post-hardcore band asked a bunch of their friends a simple question: ‘What serves as a reminder for love in your life?’ And as this video’s title card points out, the answer was overwhelmingly the same: Pets.

Over the course of a few minutes, we see an eclectic group of musicians—including Skrillex, and members of Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance, Circa Survive—kissing, petting, and otherwise loving on their furry friends. It’s sort of a companion piece to this heartwarming video celebration of “cat dads,” except with much heavier riffs.

Holy Fuck, “Red Lights”

Don’t let the vulgarity fool you—this kitty clip is 100% safe-for-work. It also features the finest animal car chase scene we’ve ever witnessed.

It’s no secret that the Internet loves cat videos. Is it sort of a cheap trick to exploit this fact by filming a band of felines who—thanks to some very D.I.Y. special effects—are able to play their own instruments? Yeah. Will we watch this video on repeat when we’re in a bad mood? Absolutely.

Swedish House Mafia, “Save the World”

This clip proves what we all already know: Our dogs are fricken heroes. The intense (but also insanely cute) clip features a pack of crime-fighting dogs chasing down bad guys and ultimately saving the day.

Bjork, “Triumph of a Heart”

The 2005 Spike Jonze-directed video finds Bjork partying all night at a local pub while her emotionally neglectful lover—who happens to be a cat, naturally—waits up for her at home.

Bjork returns early the next morning. The two kiss and make up, and then—after the cat becomes human-sized—they share a dance together. Despite all this, the most unbelievable part of the video is how easily the cat forgives its human for leaving him alone all night.

…and two very honorable mentions

Alex Knappenberger, “Not Too Metal for Cats”

It warms our hearts to know that even a badass, bearded metalhead isn’t afraid to flaunt his undying affection for our furry friends. “If I could I would exterminate everything, except the kitty cats,” Knappenberger growls. “Cuddle, snuggle, kiss them, give them hugs, feed them, bathe them, watch them eat bugs.” Indeed.

Cory Arcangel, “Arnold Schoenberg’s Op. 11”

Arcangel is a visual artist who makes good use of all sorts of pop-culture junk. (If you appreciate the silly genius of Super Mario Brothers, with everything but the clouds removed…you’re gonna love this guy.) Here, he collages together random found clips of cats playing the piano, stitching them into a ramshackle “cover” of this 1909 composition. It’s pretty damn unlistenable, but adorable as hell.

We hope you and your fur fam enjoyed this brief tour through our favorite pet music videos! Here’s a reminder to get your cats and dogs insured with Lemonade… they’ll thank you for it. (Why do we feel like Bob Barker all of a sudden??)


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