Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield crack repair describes the process of fixing a cracked windshield before it gets worse and needs complete replacement.

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Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield crack repair describes the process of fixing a cracked windshield before it gets worse and needs glass replacement. 

What is windshield crack repair?

If the auto glass of your car’s windshield gets a crack, it can be repaired using a special resin. Even the most minor windshield damage should be repaired as soon as possible. If you ignore it, the damage could get worse, and it could also cause dangerous distractions while driving. 

Does car insurance cover windshield repair or replacement?

It depends. A lot of car insurance coverage is designed to have a glass repair company fix or replace your car’s glass if the damage was caused by an accident your policy covers. Check your policy details; if you only have the barebone minimum as required by law, you might be out of luck.  

If you caused the accident, comprehensive coverage would typically cover repair or replacement if the glass was damaged in something like a hail storm or a break-in. Even better news… a Lemonade Car policy has an extended glass coverage option that allows you to replace the windshield with no deductible in most states! 

What if you don’t have comprehensive coverage? You wouldn’t be covered for an accident you caused. But if your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced because of an accident that someone else caused, you’d likely be covered under the liability parts of their car insurance—and in some cases their homeowners or renters insurance. 

Why would a glass repair be necessary?

Removing a windshield from a car would compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, since the windshield protects you and your passengers in an accident, and keeps debris—like rocks, strips of exploded truck tire, or confused birds—from hitting your face. So if you were considering getting rid of your windshield just to “feel the cool, sweet breeze”…don’t.   

A crack across your windshield makes it hard for you to see while you drive, and could get worse if you keep driving your vehicle without fixing it. Driving with a cracked windshield can also compromise your airbags and lead to water damage in your car. Cracks, as the saying goes, are wack. 

In some states, like New York, it’s illegal to drive if there’s damage to your windshield in the area that your wiper blades swipe across. Your car would fail its annual safety inspection, and you’d have to repair or replace your windshield. Regardless of what’s legal or not, a cracked or damaged windshield that falls in the driver’s line of sight simply isn’t safe. 

Can I repair my cracked windshield or do I need a windshield replacement?

Some damage to your windshield can be repaired, and some can’t. A glass repair shop, or mobile service that provides glass repair and replacement services, can always help you determine whether to repair the whole thing or replace the specific damage.

Some states have laws that require replacement if there’s a crack in the driver’s line of sight, but most will allow safe repairs. If your windshield has damage that looks like a bullseye or a rock chip, it can usually be repaired. This might also be true for a small crack, but it’s worth consulting with a glass professional.

If you have a crack in your car windshield that reaches the edge of the windshield it’s probably best to replace it. You can expect the same for cracks longer than a few inches, or with pitting across the car windshield. Cars with tempered glass windshields, or very deep cracks, will also need a replacement for the windshield. 

How much does windshield crack repair or replacement cost?

Repair services are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $60-$125 for a small chip repair to around $150 to repair a cracked windshield. A new windshield, however, can be much pricier. While some may cost around $300-$600, replacement for vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems may run as high as $1,500. These windshield replacements are more expensive because of radar technology that requires precise thickness and recalibration of the sensors to drive safely. 

If your windshield is damaged, you might be tempted to buy a DIY windshield repair kit. While repairing a small chip might seem like an easy DIY repair, it can also easily go wrong, so prepare for that. The wrong amount of pressure can turn a chip into a large crack that would require the windshield to be replaced rather than repaired, if DIY turns into MIWY (Make It Worse Yourself). 

Small chips can be repaired with an acrylic compound pretty easily, but if you decide to try a DIY repair make sure you do your research first. While acrylic will improve your visibility and make it less likely that the damage gets worse, it won’t completely get rid of the chip.   

What’s the difference between a ding, a crack, a chip, a spiderweb, a fracture, and a “little-bitty glass boo-boo”?

Jeez, are you still reading this far? We’re impressed. Or concerned. In any case, you probably have time to get your Lemonade Car insurance quote, so why not just go for it? 

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