Shark Life Jackets for Dogs

For the pup who loves safety, but has dangerously good style.

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Life jackets for dogs—but more specifically shark life jackets—are one of the latest trends in dog swimming gear. 

Not just an adorable pet swimsuit, shark life jackets can also be a genuine lifesaver, as they’re designed to keep your beloved pet dog safe while they enjoy some water play.

Let’s plunge right into what shark life jackets for dogs have to offer, and some of the available options on the market. 

Here’s what we’ll dive into it:

What is a shark life jacket for dogs and how do they work?

Ruler of the sea, master of the doggy paddle, fetcher of the best floating sticks.

Imagine your Pug “Lola” swimming around confidently with a shark fin sticking up out of the water—we seriously can’t handle the cuteness. 

But shark life vests are so much more than just aesthetics, they function as a flotation aid for your pooch. The shark fin—while totally adorable—also acts as a grab handle or rescue handle. So if your pup finds themselves in choppy waters, you can quickly lift them to safety. 

Some models also feature a d-ring for leash attachment, so you’ll have extra control over your pet’s swimming adventures. 

Dog shark vests are usually made from high-quality neoprene, among other floatation materials, to provide your pup with optimal buoyancy when they go for a swim.

Just like a human life vest, a dog life jacket vest wraps around your pet’s torso and fastens with adjustable straps and quick-release buckles. 

What features should I look for in a shark life jacket for my pup?

Baby shark, do, do, do, do, do, do.

There’s a lot more to consider than the price tag when you’re shopping for your pup’s perfect swimming attire. 

Check the product details to make sure the jacket meets your dog’s needs, including:

  • Adjustable straps: For a snug yet comfortable fit
  • Quick-release buckles or velcro: To enhance safety and comfort
  • D-ring: This leash attachment is especially helpful for dogs with wanderlust
  • Shark fin rescue handle: Apart from the cute look, it’s functional for quick rescue scenarios
  • Durable materials: Like neoprene, nylon, polyester, and mesh—which can help the vest withstand the elements, and prevent it from easily tearing or breaking
  • Bright colors and/or reflective strips: To help make your dog more visible in the water
  • The right size: Whether your pup is XXS, XXL, or anywhere in between, check the size chart to make sure the pet life jacket will fit comfortably—and not slip off—based on their size and weight 

Worried about your dog keeping their head above water? Specific breeds with short legs, broad chests, or flat faces—like bulldogs, pugs, and dachshunds—might need a dog life vest that has an extra flotation device around the neck (aka neck float). It’s like a built-in floaty collar. 

What are some of the top dog swimming vests on the market?

With heaps of dog swimming vests on the market, look for the ones that are ahead of the pack. One top-rated product is the Frisco Shark Dog Life Jacket by Chewy, which can range around $18 to $26, depending on the size. 

Brands like Outward Hound, LandShark, and Ruffwear also offer top of the line safety vests for swimming dogs (though they won’t necessarily include the shark fin feature, which is a bummer). 

Make sure to check customer reviews for a specific pet life vest before buying one for your pooch. 

Can a shark life vest prevent an actual shark attack?

Your dog is more likely to inspire laughs and photo ops while sporting their shark life vest than deter any curious oceanic predators. Don’t forget the vest is more for flotation fun and safety than for shark-repelling magic, but major kudos for wishful thinking.

But in all seriousness, if you want to give your pooch extra protection from murky waters, consider getting them pet insurance. 

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