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North Carolina pet parents: Whether you’ve got a Chihuahua in Charlotte, or a Ragdoll in Raleigh you’ve come to the right place to learn about pet insurance.

We’ll take you through the hidden gems and insider tips of being a North Carolina pet parent, and while we’re at it, we’ll go through the ins-and-outs of pet insurance in North Carolina so you can keep your furry companion (and your wallet) covered.

What pet insurance plans does Lemonade offer in North Carolina?

Pet insurance assists in covering the costs of your vet bills. You pay a premium each month to the insurance company, and in return, you can care for your canine or feline fur fam without having to worry about how much it will cost.

With Lemonade pet insurance, there are numerous ways to customize your policy with our coverage options:

To begin with, a base Lemonade pet health insurance policy will assist in covering the costs of medication, tests, and treatments if your cat or dog has an unexpected accident or illness.

A base policy is excellent for the unexpected things in your fur fam’s future. Still, Lemonade also offers preventative care packages, which are designed to keep your pet healthy and help cover expenses you’re probably paying for anyway. By adding this package to a Lemonade policy, you’ll also get access to a live medical chat option and will get covered for all kinds of things—like your annual blood tests, vaccinations, wellness exam, and more. There may be some applicable exclusions.

Lemonade also offers three preventative care packages:

Depending on your pet’s age, this package covers things like:

  • Spaying/neutering
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • and flea and tick treatments.

You can also customize your Lemonade policy with a mix and match of optional add-ons like:

  • Physical therapy
  • Vet visit fees
  • Dental illness
  • Behavioral conditions
  • and end-of-life and remembrance

to help take the bite out of pricey treatments, services, and trips to the vet.

north carolina pet insurance

What does a Lemonade pet insurance policy in North Carolina cover?

Pet insurance can cover a lot (but it’s still important to be versed in what your policy doesn’t include). Here are just a few of the things that a Lemonade Pet policy could come in handy for, depending on your specific policy details:

check icon Bloodwork

check icon X-Rays

check icon MRI

check icon CT Scans

check icon Lab Work

check icon Urinalysis

check icon Ultrasounds

check icon Cancer

check icon Emergency Care

check icon Surgery

check icon Heart Disease

check icon Hospitalization

check icon Road Accidents

check icon Outpatient Care

check icon Allergy Medicine

check icon Specialty Care

check icon Injections

check icon Prescription Medications

check icon Arthritis Medication

check icon Knee, Elbow & Hip Dysplasia

How does pet insurance work at Lemonade in North Carolina?

Here’s an example of how a Lemonade pet insurance policy works:

  1. Buy a policy. You answer a few quick questions about your German Shepherd, Pirate, and build your pet’s policy with the help of our friendly AI chatbot. The monthly premium you pay is determined by various factors, primarily things that you can customize, like your annual deductible, co-insurance, coverage package, and the annual limit on your plan. (If you would like, you can take a deeper dive into how pet insurance works to help you create your perfect policy.) Pet insurance coverage with Lemonade can cost as low as $10/month. Here’s a handy breakdown of the whole (simple) process.
  2. Go to the vet. You rush Pirate to the vet after he broke his leg from playing too rough at the dog park. The exam, x-ray, and cast cost you $1,000. Woof. But since you have pet insurance, you don’t have to worry about the total amount. Find out what we cover here.
  3. Get your money back. Pirate is safely on the mend, and you get up to a $900 reimbursement back in your pocket from Lemonade!

It’s worth noting that as your dog ages, they will require more veterinary care and treatments, which is why it pays to take out a pet insurance policy for your dog as early as possible. If you try to sign your 13-year-old dog up for insurance for the first time, they might be declined due to their age; either way, they’re more likely to have pre-existing conditions that won’t be covered by insurance. But if you get your new puppy a Lemonade policy right away, you’ll be able to continue renewing their policy as they age.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance assists in covering the costs of your vet bills. You pay a premium each month to the insurance company, and in return, you can care for your canine or feline fur family members without having to worry about how much it will cost.

How much does pet insurance cost in North Carolina?

Several factors impact your pet insurance quote, including:

  • Cat vs Dog: Cats are usually cheaper to insure than dogs because medical costs are generally cheaper for cats.
  • Breed: For example, mixed breed dogs tend to cost less to insure because they often exhibit the concept of ‘hybrid vigor,’ potentially having fewer health problems than purebreds.
  • Age
  • Where you live
  • The coverages you choose
  • The deductible, co-insurance, and annual limit you choose

You can learn more about the costs of pet insurance here. But the truth is, the best way to get a sense for how much you’ll pay for pet insurance in North Carolina is to build a quote. Click below to get started. It’s fast, free, and dare we say it’s even kind of fun.

Apply now to get your free pet insurance quote.

Protect your pet from North Carolina threats 

North Carolina offers huge natural diversity. From the coastal habitats of the eastern coastline, to the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina, and the Piedmont Plateau running between them, there is an abundance of wildlife to experience. But not all of nature is friendly. Our pets love to be curious and explore, and it can sometimes get them into trouble. 

A comprehensive pet insurance plan can help mitigate the unexpected veterinary bills that arise when a pet is sick or injured, but for peace of mind, it’s best to remain vigilant against natural threats. 


Found throughout America’s southwest, North Carolina marks the American alligator’s most northern natural reach. Although they had been pushed nearly to the brink of extinction in the early 20th century, the last hundred years or so has seen the alligators make a come-back, and they are now found throughout rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and canals in the eastern and southeastern part of the state.

We all know that dogs love to jump into water, especially on a hot day, but it goes without saying that this isn’t a good idea where alligators are likely to be present. They can be very hard to spot as they camouflage very effectively in their natural habitats, and may even be hidden below the waterline, so don’t assume that just because you can’t see them, they are not there.  

Instead, discourage your dog from going near the waterline by keeping to shady areas so that they don’t get too warm, and bring plenty of water for your dog to drink so they’re not tempted to lap from natural water sources. 

It’s also a good idea to keep your dog on a leash at all times. After all, the last thing you want to spot is an alligator and your dog running toward it! If you do come across an alligator, don’t get between it and the water but take a wide berth in the other direction.

If an alligator does start to approach you and your dog – run! Alligators can run at up to 35mph but only for short distances on land. Don’t let go of your dog’s leash, and don’t stop running until you are out of range.  

Warm Weather

North Carolina summers are hot and humid, with temperatures peaking in July. Although we all love the sun, pets can easily overheat in hot weather which can quickly be fatal.

Fresh water is a must all year round, but in summer it’s essential to keep that water bowl topped up throughout the day. You may even want to drop a few ice cubes in regularly to keep the water cool. A dehydrated pet can suffer urinary tract and kidney problems, and are at greater risk of overheating. 

Shade is another essential. While cats will readily find a shady spot, dogs may have a tougher time. Keep walks to early morning and late evening when the weather is cooler, and try to find walking routes with plenty of trees to block out the worst of the sun. 

Speaking of dog walks, sidewalks, sandy beaches and other surfaces can be scorching hot and burn sensitive paw pads. Preserve healthy paws by applying paw balm, or consider investing in warm weather boots if you’re out and about with your dog a lot. 

And of course it goes without saying that you should never leave your pet in a car on a hot day. It doesn’t have to be that warm for a car to quickly heat up. Even on a mild day of 70 degrees F, a car can reach 115 degrees within 30 minutes, while dogs overheat when their body exceeds 103 degrees. 

Both dogs and cats are more susceptible to overheating than humans as they have fewer sweat glands. Symptoms of overheating include excessive panting or drooling, lethargy, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, seizures and collapse. If you spot any of these signs, seek emergency treatment from a vet as heatstroke can progress very quickly.

Hey, buddy! Save some for the fishes!

Top North Carolina dog parks

Energetic pup? Let them run wild in one of North Carolina’s many off-leash dog parks. Just make sure your pup is up-to-date on their vaccinations and spayed or neutered before you let them cut loose.

  • Skiptown, Charlotte Urban pooches want more than somewhere to run. Skiptown is a dog bar located within Charlotte’s South End district. You can sample one of 24 beers on tap, while Fido can enjoy a bowl of bone broth ‘beer’ before jumping on the splash pad with his doggy pals. 
  • Paws Park, Kill Devil Hills Set within Aviation Park, Paws Park offers 1.5 acres of space across three runs: for large dogs, small dogs, and older or timid dogs. The grassy area includes shady spots and obstacles to play on, and you can even get a t-shirt to show your support. 
  • Mills River Dog Park, Mills River The dog park at Mills River has recently enjoyed an upgrade, and now features plenty of shade thanks to new trees set within the grass and gravel space, plus agility obstacles for your dog to try his paw at.
  • Surf City Bark Park, Surf City Adventurous dogs who want to learn new agility skills will love the two runs at Surf City’s dog park, one for large dogs, and the other for small. Mature trees provide shade and interest, and there are water stations in both enclosures. 
  • Dix Park Dog Park, Raleigh With more than three grassy acres to explore, Raleigh dogs love to run in Dix Park dog park. The park is currently at a temporary location, so best to bring your own water.  

Support North Carolina-based pet businesses

Support small North Carolina businesses while keeping your best friend totally pampered!

  • Barkography, Charlotte Photographer Kim Hollis knows that your dog is more than just a pet, they are a loved family member. No matter what your pet’s breed, her photos capture their unique personality, giving you memories to treasure forever. 
  • Five Points Pet Resort, Vass Awarded Best of the Pines in 2021, Five Points gives you peace of mind that your pets are being fully pampered and enjoying themselves when you’re away. The resort caters for dogs, cats, birds, and smaller furries. 
  • Other End of the Leash, Durham If it’s high quality, fairly traded dog and cat supplies you’re after, look no further than this locally owned pet boutique. They even have a gluten free bakery on site, producing freshly baked dog treats daily. 
  • Pawsitive Steps, Burlington Rehabilitation is a key component of health care following hospitalization for surgery, or for chronic conditions such as arthritis. Pawsitive Steps are rehabilitation specialists, offering treatments including hydrotherapy, acupuncture and physical therapy using state of the art equipment. 
  • Four Paws, Wake County Although we’d all love to be there for our pets whenever they need us, sometimes that just isn’t possible. The next best thing is Four Paws pet sitting, who offer regular check-ups, walks and more, for however long you have to be away. 

Before we go… 

Isn’t being a pet owner just the best? The companionship, the kisses, the laughter! Pets really add so much to our lives. The love that North Carolina pet owners have for their furry companions is real. Woof. 

We love our pets, but sometimes those vet bills can take a real bite out of our wallets, which is why more and more pet owners are choosing to get covered with pet insurance for dogs or pet insurance for cats.  Learn more about how much pet insurance costs, and whether or not pet insurance is worth it for you.


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