Spare room

Sure, we’re insurance nerds. But we also like to let our hair down.

Read These Roommate Horror Stories—If You Dare...

We've all lived with crummy roommates, but these tales of woe, doom, and theft are truly a nightmare.

What if Common Insurance Terms Were Actually... Bands?

In which we transform technical jargon into musical magic.

How to Throw a Housewarming Party That Doesn't Suck

Show off your new digs in style.

Everything You (Probably Don't) Want to Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs suck. Here's everything you (probably don't) want to know about these bloodthirsty pests.

Unpacking The Great 'Mattress On The Floor' Debate

Mattress on the floor? We don't want to judge anyone's habits, but here are some things to consider.

The Safest Cities For Bike Commuters

These bike-friendly places are doing things right.

What if Insurance Terms Were Actually... Blockbuster Movies?

Lights, camera...deductibles!

Could Co-Living Be Right For You?

Co-living isn’t just a place to put your head down at night. It’s a lifestyle.

Is New York City Really Over?

Spoiler alert: Everyone has feelings!

Decor To Live For: What’s Trending in Interior Design

Staying in? Refresh your digs with these interior design trends.

Insuring Your Relationship? 8 Questions to Ask Before Moving In

How to move in together *without* breaking up.

ChatGPT Shares Deep Thoughts on Renters Insurance

A.I. is surprisingly nimble and creative, but its jokes need some work.

Rising Rents Have Most Renters Contemplating a Cheaper Place

We polled 2,000 renters on the state of the market. Here’s what they said

How to Resolve Tenant-Landlord Disputes

Keep the peace, ditch the stress.

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