Home maintenance, explained

Whether you’re planning a big renovation, defending your home against extreme weather, or simply need day-to-day TLC tips, here’s what you should know.

Roof Replacement: The Ultimate Guide for Homeowners 

It might be time to up your roof game.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

Sticks and stones may break… my windows.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Ice Dams?

It often will, but there's a lot you can do to avoid trouble in the first place.

Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Don't be anxious about your inadequate toolbox—we're here to help.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Furnaces?

Spoiler alert: It does, in many cases!

Everything You Should Know Before Starting Your Home Renovation Project

How to make sure you refresh your home the right way

Reconstruction Cost Estimate (RCE)

A Reconstruction Cost Estimate (RCE) is a figure that approximates the cost of rebuilding your home in the case it gets completely destroyed.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment Breakdown Coverage (EBC) is an endorsement that you can purchase to complement and enhance your homeowners or renters insurance.

10 Benefits to Making Your Home a Smart Home

Because protecting your home and saving money is a no-brainer.

Your Complete Home Maintenance Checklist

Follow these tips to keep your place at its best, from the top of your roof to the floor of your basement.

Reconstruction Costs and Your Homeowners Insurance

There are three major trends that might be causing the Reconstruction Cost (RC) of your home to climb.

How to Keep Your Property Safe from Tree Damage

Proper tree maintenance will keep your property safe, and your yard beautiful.

How to Stop Pipes from Freezing

Frozen pipes can lead to major property damage. Here's how to avoid the issue—and what to know about frozen pipes and your homeowners insurance policy.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

That dreaded drip, drip, drip—and how your policy can help.

How To Prepare Your Home for Power Outages

Here's how to prepare your home for future outages, especially if you live in areas most often affected by extreme weather.

19 High-Impact Home Renovations that Cost Less than $5,000

From resurfacing the driveway to installing crown molding, here are some relatively affordable home makeovers.

How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

These little insects are cool, but you don't want to live with them.

5 Earth-Loving Ways To Save Money On Your Utility Bill

Want to save money (and the planet)? Here are 5 of the most energy-efficient ways to lower your electricity bill.

8 Eco-Friendly Home Renovations for 2023

Give your home a refresh, and give the planet some love.

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