Declarations Page

A declarations page is a summary of your insurance policy that includes important details like coverage amounts, deductible, and who’s covered.

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declarations page

A declarations page is the summary of your insurance policy—it includes important details like coverage amounts, deductible, who’s covered, and more.

What’s a declarations page?

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. And, like most legal documents, it’s pretty long and complicated—but it also has a summary, which is known as a declarations page.

This page, often referred to as a dec page, is your go-to for important info like how much coverage you have on your property, what types of endorsements were added on (if any), and more.

A breakdown of a typical declarations page

  1. Who is insured akanamed insured” (and at what address)
  2. When the policy starts and stops (“effective” and “expiry” dates)
  3. What’s being covered, and for how much
  4. Your premium
  5. Any discounts you may be eligible for
  6. Your deductible
  7. Endorsements and notices
  8. How to contact your insurer

Your dec page will also typically contain a list of terms that are used in the document, along with their explanations.

What you need to check on a declarations page

Once you get your policy, read over the declarations page extra carefully and make sure everything is correct.

One of the most common mistakes we see here at Lemonade HQ is one of the most obvious: an incorrect home address. And while you’re at it, make sure to double check your name, coverage amounts, deductible, and policy type.

 If you stay with your insurance company for more than a year, you’ll have a new dec page to review annually—exciting!—since your policy term is typically 12 months long.

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